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  • Being Responsible
  • Being Responsible
    Corporate Responsibility is about how we run our business and achieve our goals in a way that reflects our values, connects our business decisions to ethical, social and environmental concerns and meets the standards our customers, shareholders and associates expect of a global organization.

    Our commitment to responsible business practice is implicit in our Mission, Vision and Values, our Code of Ethics, Code of Business Conduct and the Group policies of our parent company, Compass Group PLC.  All aspects of our strategy and performance in relation to responsible business practice are overseen by the Corporate Responsibility Committee, a sub-committee of the Group Board.
    This commitment is very much in evidence in our day-to-day operations, forming a firm foundation to build on as we strive to continually improve our Corporate Responsibility journey.

    Working Together for a More Sustainable Future – A Progress Report

    This report explains how we link together sustainability and wellness in our Canadian operations, shine a light on some of our accomplishments and outline our commitments and targets in the areas of wellness, environment, supply chain and community. Review the digital report here to learn more.

    To learn more about our global Corporate Responsibility scorecard view the Compass Group PLC Corporate Responsibility Report and website here.