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    At Marquise Hospitality, we deliver a ‘resident first experience’ through the provision of dining, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and front desk reception services within Retirement and Long Term Care communities across Canada. Our expertise is based on extensive research we have conducted about changing senior living market dynamics, offering clients programs appropriate to each residential community, continually demonstrating our commitment to wellness and providing residents, their families and clients with as much choice in our services and offerings as possible. We understand that senior living residences are vibrant communities.  Our employees create a hospitality-style culture where service excellence is paramount and our mission is to enrich the lives of the residents we serve.


    A new report, “Nutrition and dementia: A review of available research” was commissioned by Alzheimer’s Disease International and Compass Group.  This important review of the research highlights under nutrition as a major problem among those with dementia, and stresses the importance of recognizing nutrition as a potential key factor in their overall wellbeing.

    Read more… http://www.alz.co.uk/nutrition-report