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  • Wellness
  • Wellness
    Wellness is one of the four pillars of our BALANCE platform. Under Wellness, our objective is to make it easier for everyone to attain their healthy living goals while positively contributing to productive and safe workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools and communities.

    Our key Wellness-related programs include:
    • Balanced Choices: Promotes healthy food and beverage choices and provides information to guide our customers to the healthy choices.
    • Healthy Dining Standards: Ensures our daily menu offerings include a balance of flavourful healthy options at stations and promotes a healthy eating pattern as recommended by Canada’s Food Guide.
    • Monthly Nutrigrams and Superfoods:  Provide nutrition and wellness focused education through the monthly distribution of a wellness newsletter called Nutrigram and a monthly focused “superfood” promotion.
    • Wellness-focused promotions: Focus on educational messages and recipes that reflect healthy eating patterns and promote stealth health.