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  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations
  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations
    Compass Group Canada currently has 2013 - 2016 Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Program - Gold PAR Level Achievement. Presented to Compass Group Canada, in recognition of our strategic engagement with Aboriginal businesses and communities. 

    is a certification program that confirms corporate performance in Aboriginal relations at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Certified companies promote their level with a PAR logo signaling to communities that they are good business partners; great places to work, and are committed to prosperity in Aboriginal communities.  

    The PAR logo provides a high level of assurance to communities because the designation is supported by an independent, third party verification of company reports. The final company level is determined by a jury comprised of Aboriginal business people.   Since the program’s introduction 10 years ago PAR was and remains the only corporate responsibility assurance program with an emphasis on Aboriginal relations.