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    What does Sustainability mean to us?
    In a sustainable society, individuals, communities and businesses flourish within nature’s limits. At Compass Group Canada, our definition of sustainability is informed by The Natural Step. View the video below to learn more. 




    What is BALANCE?
    As a Canadian leader in food and support services, we embrace the tremendous opportunity we have to initiate change and raise awareness regarding sustainability and wellness. We take responsibility for the social impacts of our activities and the products we use at all levels of our business.

    BALANCE, our sustainability and wellness platform, links together four distinct yet interconnected areas of focus: wellness, environment, supply chain and community. The tagline “it takes you” challenges our associates, clients, customers and suppliers to personally engage in the journey to a healthier you, a healthier community and a healthier planet.

    We execute our BALANCE platform using a three-pronged ‘guiding philosophy’:

    • We will provide sustainable food and support services while striving to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.
    • We will support our clients’ and customers’ health and wellness goals by promoting sustainable healthy lifestyle practices.
    • We will consistently demonstrate our commitment to the wellness of communities where we live and work.