Stop Food Waste Day Waste Warrior Spotlight: Liane Gregory

jliane gregory headshot

Liane Gregory, Manager, Sustainable Sourcing, Foodbuy Canada

1. What’s your take on all the attention food waste is getting lately?

I love it. We must bring ideas and solutions into the light, so that everyone can start acting individually. There is massive impact when ideas are converted into combined individual actions.

2. What are your best tips to make it easy to reduce food waste in the kitchen?

  1. Batch cook and freeze in portions (so you’re not actually producing leftovers!).
  2. Grow your own herbs. It’s a great feeling to know you grew it and herbs are usually quite easy to grow! So, it’s a few snips vs that huge clump of cilantro.
  3. Organize your fridge to help you. Don’t lose sight of the protein/produce that can go bad. Keep it easily viewable.

3. What is one small change every person can make in their daily lives to make a big difference?

Look in your fridge! Waste often occurs when we aren’t paying attention. “Ooops… that’s gone bad.” won’t happen so much.

4. What is your favourite way to repurpose leftovers?

Incorporating into creative frittatas! It’s Sunday Brunch Surprise. You can amaze yourself with your own creativity.

Foodbuy wins the 2017 Pinnacle Award for Supplier of the Year by Hotelier Magazine

October 18, 2017 – Foodbuy, North America’s largest procurement organization supporting the foodservice industry across Canada & the United States, has been recognized by Hotelier Magazine as their 2017 Pinnacle Award Winner for Supplier of the Year. Foodbuy focuses on delivering unrivaled value through extraordinary insights, partnerships and people, this was the driving force behind this prestigious industry award.

Kostuch Media Limited, publisher of industry magazines Foodservice and Hospitality and Hotelier, recognizes companies who are industry leaders in the area of diversity, customer service, innovation, creativity and Canadian spirit.

“Over the past 10 years, we have created an innovative data-driven procurement system that aligns our Partners with our national and regional suppliers to ensure they have timely access to the products and services they need,” said Matt Gillison, SVP, Foodbuy Canada. “We have also engaged associates who are passionate and committed to what we do and we have looked for ways to embrace new innovations that will make business easier for our Partners. I am exceptionally proud of the work our team has done and truly believe that this award belongs to all of them.”

In 2018 Foodbuy celebrates 10 years of success in Canada, has experienced consistent double digit growth, and this past year grew by +35 percent YOY. As an industry leader in procurement, technology, data management and analytics, Foodbuy helps ensure our Partners have the products and services they need to succeed in their own businesses.   

Foodbuy Canada has been evolving and enhancing its model over the past 10 years, supporting more than 5,000 hospitality operators in Canada.  Strong supplier and distributor partnerships enable Foodbuy to deliver exceptional value, year over year, to our Partners. We are honored to be selected as the number one choice in the foodservices procurement industry by our colleagues, Partners & peers. 

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