Chartwells Canada Partners with George Brown College to Launch National “Connecting Through Food” Campaign, to Address Student Food Security Concerns

The educational food service provider will host the “Connecting Through Food” Campaign at over 50 higher education schools across Canada with the goal of donating 100,000 meals in one day to support student food security.

October 4, 2022 (Toronto, ON) – In honour of the lead-up to World Food Day on October 16th, Chartwells Canada today announced the launch of their “Connecting Through Food” campaign, a national program focused on highlighting and addressing rising student food insecurity through education, awareness, and on-campus action. The campaign launched today at George Brown College Waterfront campus and will run at Chartwells- partnered colleges, universities, and independent schools across Canada tomorrow (October 5th). Students, staff, and faculty can expect to see multiple activations within their educational facilities, such as limited-time offer meals – with 100% of proceeds going towards supporting on-campus food security initiatives, nutrition education from Registered Dietitians, and a ‘Spin to Give Back’ donation opportunity, among other interactive events.

“Food insecurity has been a long-standing issue for many postsecondary students, one that has been heightened in recent times by the pandemic,” said Dr. Gervan Fearon, President, George Brown College. “The Chartwells’ Connecting Through Food’ campaign builds on our commitment to mobilize the George Brown community and partners to help increase food security for our students. We are proud to join forces with Chartwells and our postsecondary partners to help ensure students access healthy, nutritious food.” 

The campaign is part of the vision of Chartwells Thinking Ahead Giving Back (TAGB) initiative. The country’s largest educational food service and support service provider proactively launched its TAGB vision 3 years ago, intent on transitioning from food service department to a collaborative thought partner, with the main pillar of their program focused on student food security. The “Connecting Through Food” campaign is considered the next evolution of this commitment. On October 5th, Chartwells invites students to join them as they work towards their campaign donation goal of 100,000 meals in one day – part of their over-arching 1 million meals for student food security TAGB pledge.

“Research shows that about 40% of post-secondary students in Canada face food insecurity and we are committed to working with our educational partners to decrease this number through education and access. At Chartwells, we understand that healthy minds start with the right nutrition. As a large foodservice provider, we have an opportunity to have an impact in this space and are committed to doing so through our TAGB vision,” said Kevin Booth, executive vice president of Chartwells Canada. “Today, we are aiming to raise awareness, and to hit, or surpass, 100,000 meals donated to on-campus food security initiatives, as we continue to work towards our 1M meals pledge.”

The team launched their national campaign at George Brown College, located in one of Canada’s most urban cities.

Chartwells hopes to use its Connecting Through Food campaign as a kick-off to building awareness and education on important topics facing students today, as World Food Day approaches on October 16th. Students and community members can expect to see continued information and donation opportunities related to on-campus food security on their social channels throughout the coming weeks.


About George Brown College 

Toronto’s George Brown College is located on the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and other Indigenous peoples. 

George Brown prepares innovative, adaptable graduates with the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing job market. With three campuses in the downtown core, the college blends theory with experiential learning, applied research, and entrepreneurship opportunities. George Brown offers 164 full-time programs and 180 continuing education certificates/designations across a wide variety of professions to more than 27,100 full-time students, including 29 percent international students, and receives more than 58,000 continuing education registrations annually. Students can earn certificates, diplomas, graduate certificates, apprenticeships, and degrees.


Media Contacts

George Brown College

Saron Fanel, External Communications Specialist

647 381 8982

Compass Group Canada Partners With Friendlier, Reusable Food Packaging Start-Up, As Part Of Their Planet Promise Commitment To Net Zero By 2050

Compass Group Canada today announced a partnership with local Canadian sustainability start-up, Friendlier, that offers a circular reusable packaging system. In 2021, the country’s leading food service provider announced their Planet Promise, a global commitment to reach net zero GHGs by 2050. Today’s announcement builds on this commitment, positioning Friendlier as a key partner to help accelerate progress towards reducing and removing single use plastics from day-to-day operations. Compass Group Canada will deploy the sustainable packaging solution, starting within their Ontario locations in the coming weeks, with the intent to scale up as Friendlier expands across Canada. This commitment follows several successful, small-scale pilots of the packaging product over the past year. 

Friendlier is a Canadian, female founded business, in market since 2020. The company started by launching their circular reusable packaging offering from a handful of restaurants in the Guelph area, now working with large-scale operations throughout the GTA. Their containers – a sturdy plastic container made using 24% less GHGs than a comparable product – offers consumers an opportunity to participate in a truly sustainable, full circle packaging process. The result is a significant decrease in the use of single serve products within foodservice and take-out environments. 

“As a large food service provider, we have the opportunity and responsibility to make a meaningful impact on the planet – every decision we make, every container we can keep out of a landfill – that is critical in reaching our Planet Promise,” said Jana Vodicka, sustainability lead for Compass Group Canada. “We are excited to partner with a local, female-owned company who has developed an innovative way to eliminate single use plastic waste which is something we use every day in our operations. Given our size and scale, this is a significant positive move in fostering circular economies and moving away from the traditional use and dispose method.” she said. 


With over 2,100 locations across Canada, Compass Group is poised to have a significant impact on single use plastic waste through this partnership. The company will supplement the containers and their associated return bins at foodservice locations with additional educational materials that share the full circle journey with guests – from initial use to pick-up by the Friendlier team, cleaning, sanitizing and redeployment into the market. Guests can also expect to understand how their participation has an impact through Friendlier’s ability to track and monitor use and therefore, the offset from single use items – a feature Compass Group Canada intends to continually share with participating teams. 

“Our mission at Friendlier has always been to make reusable packaging as easy and as accessible as single-use. This partnership will allow thousands of people to access reusable packaging every day with very minimal changes to their normal routine.” said Jacqueline Hutchings, co-founder and COO at Friendlier, “We are excited to partner with Canada’s largest contract food service company to reduce waste and change the way people think about packaging.” 

Compass Group Canada continues to invest in innovation across their business to find new ways to meet their Planet Promise. Through their annual food waste reduction campaign, Stop Food Waste Day, Compass Group is increasing awareness on the amount of food that is wasted each year and promoting waste-free recipes. The company’s decarbonisation strategy will be delivered through collaboration, innovation, and investment across its global operations, including specific actions such as: 

  • Transitioning fleet vehicles globally to 100% plug-in electric 
  • Switching to renewable electricity across all its own operations 
  • Reformulating menus to be low carbon and switch towards more plant-based proteins 
  • Increase sourcing from regenerative agriculture 
  • Focusing on packaging solutions to further reduce single-use plastic 
  • Reducing food waste by 50% across its operations globally by 2030 
  • Increasing share of seasonal and locally sourced produce 
  • Investing in climate positive projects worldwide to support decarbonisation, compensation and neutralisation including reforestation, biodiversity, freshwater, land and ocean initiatives 
  • Delivering a global deforestation-free and land conversion-free supply chain strategy 


About Friendlier 

Friendlier is a Canadian, female-founded reusable packaging solution provider that is on a mission to eliminate single-use packaging. Their innovative technology makes it easy for businesses to implement reusable packaging programs, while tracking and quantifying their environmental impact. Friendlier was founded in 2019 by Kayli Dale and Jacqueline Hutchings, Chemical Engineering graduates from the University of Waterloo with a passion for sustainability. 

Friendlier is Canada’s fastest growing reusable packaging solution and aims to build a future where reusable packaging can replace single-use packaging. Their high-quality reusable food containers, simple app to claim deposits, and convenient returns makes it easy for users to enjoy their favorite meals, without the waste. To learn more, visit, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 

Media Contacts 


Jacqueline Hutchings, Co-Founder, COO 

[email protected] 


Compass Group Canada and SJW Robotics Announce Exclusive Partnership to Introduce A Revolutionary 24-Hour, Automated Kitchen

The food service leader will pilot RoWok™️ technology offering around-the-clock access to hot, fresh meals in select Canadian locations later this year.

Mississauga, ON (July 7, 2022) – Compass Group Canada and SJW Robotics today announced an exclusive partnership where the global food service leader will pilot three 24/7 autonomous kitchen robots named RoWok™️ in select Canadian operations. The partnership is aimed at addressing a gap in food service – where warm, fresh, customizable meals are not available – providing a welcome option for healthcare workers on a night shift or students studying after hours. RoWok™️ is designed to serve spaces that traditionally may not have an available footprint for an on-site kitchen or kitchen staff available 24/7 while also providing an easy-to-use, hot and fresh food alternative throughout the day. Today’s announcement is another step in Compass Group Canada’s mission to be the country’s most innovative food service provider – offering new service and business models while improving experiences for customers, clients and associates.

“We looked at traditional hot food service models and saw a real need for 24/7 meal availability with wow factor,” said Michael Hachey, chief innovation officer. “By partnering with RoWok, we are adapting to different needs in the market and augmenting existing hot food service models that typically require labour and a full-service kitchen. People never used to think about grabbing a hot, fresh, customized meal at 3 a.m. because it was simply not available – now it’s possible with this cutting-edge technology that solves for these complexities,” he said.

Using robotics, AI, machine learning, data science and cloud analytics technology, RoWok™️ offers an engaging and innovative customer experience – while occupying only 100 square feet of space. With the ability to produce 60+ meals per hour, the product is a natural fit for some of Compass Groups managed facilities where kitchen services are not available. The company intends to expand these services to provide another option to large-scale kitchen operations and mixed schedules, for example, healthcare workers and hospital guests eating during non-business hours or office workers without easy access to fresh cafeteria services.

“Our team has developed a fully autonomous QSR solution with one goal in mind – to cook incredibly fresh and great-tasting meals at high speed. Our partnership with Compass allows us to rapidly scale up within the infrastructure of one the best workplaces in retail and hospitality – and the team at Compass have been an invaluable complement to help accelerate our deployment,” said Nipun Sharma, co-founder & CEO, SJW Robotics Inc.

The RoWok™️ machine works hand in hand with foodservice associates on site, who are required to prep, stock and monitor the quality of product and service. The technology will also help reduce the costs and labour complexities associated with offering a 24/7 staffed, fresh food service operation.

“Building an eco-system of partners allows us to implement and deploy new ideas, quickly and effectively. We are thrilled to partner with the SJW Robotics team and bring RoWok into our facilities, combining their state-of-art technology with our expertise in food service,” said Heather Wilkie, vice-president, innovation at Compass Group Canada. “We are challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries with this partnership, and we can’t wait to hear what our clients and guests have to say about RoWok.”

Today’s announcement is one of several new concepts from Compass Group Canada’s newly announced innovation team. Compass Group Canada and SJW Robotics have begun exploring pilot locations across Ontario and plan to install three machine this coming Fall in the Healthcare, Business & Industry and Educational spaces.



About SJW Robotics

SJW Robotics is a pioneering FoodTech company developing autonomous kitchen robotic systems for the hospitality industry. Drawing upon eighty years of combined experience in autonomous machine engineering, restaurant concept development and foodservice manufacturing, the company’s multi-disciplinary core team is reshaping the foodservice industry via scalable and profitable automated solutions –  merging the art of cooking with the science of automation. To learn more, visit or LinkedIn.






Compass Group Canada, Canada’s Leading Food Service and Support Provider, Launches New Innovation Division

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, June 15, 2022 – Compass Group Canada announced today the launch of an innovation division, in their pursuit to becoming the industry’s most innovative food and support service company. With the launch of this division, Compass Group Canada is doubling down on their commitment to stay ahead of industry trends by investing in state-of-the-art technology, new culinary concepts, sustainability and frictionless experiences.

Today’s announcement builds on Compass Group Canada’s innovation first approach including the launch of their tech-division, Compass Digital Labs (CDL), established in 2016. While technology will no doubt be a continued priority for the innovation team, their scope will be broader, focus on thinking about the customer of the future, and plan for their experience in food and hospitality.

“Innovation isn’t just a buzz word at Compass Group Canada, it is truly interwoven in our DNA. By devoting a division to innovation, we are investing in future-proofing the industry for our guests and clients,” said Heather Wilkie, vice president, innovation. “We hope to tap into the real needs of our customers and finding those true value-add and exciting experiences that offer something new. We don’t want to be different just for the sake of it – we want to respond to real inefficiencies, real needs, and real wants,” she said.

The innovation team, led by led by Chief Innovation Officer, Michael Hachey, and newly appointed Vice President of Innovation, Heather Wilkie, includes subject matter experts across multiple fields, from user experience design, AI consulting, technology transformation, go-to-market, consumer research and sustainability. The team is already moving forward with over 30 potential new innovations to test run over the next few years. Their intention is to continue partnering with new start-ups and entrepreneurs who are looking to leverage Compass Group Canada’s scale as a place to pilot their offerings and help elevate the customer experience.

“Innovation is, at its core, a trial-and-error process. My team knows that’s it’s okay to fail – in fact, it’s a requirement if we want to truly be change-makers in this industry. This team is casting a wide net, looking at several potential game-changers across multiple fields, and trying them out,” said Michael Hachey, chief innovation officer. “We aren’t afraid to test and try lots of concepts – knowing not everything will stick. The reward is in the challenge and finding those key pieces that truly elevate our guest experience.”


Compass Group Canada Launches Elevated & Integrated Facilities Management Division with Rebrand of Eurest Services to ESFM

As workplaces return to in-person, ESFM serves as holistic facilities management brand aimed at elevating and simplifying the workplace experience for clients and their teams.

MISSISSAUGA, ON – (June 14, 2022) – Compass Group Canada, the country’s leading food and support service provider, is revolutionizing its Canadian corporate facilities management (IFM) division with the official rebrand announcement of Eurest Services to ESFM. This rebrand aligns and more accurately reflects the expansive service platform currently provided to Canadian clients. The new identity comes as facility owners and clients’ welcome employees back to the workplace with enhanced safety protocols and amenities that augment their environment.

The ESFM brand reflects the ‘elevated’ portfolio of Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solutions offered to clients and showcases an ‘Elevated experience” – something associates shared as a key distinguishing factor, while staying true to its Eurest Services roots. With new, industry-leading operational programs designed to help clients create enhanced workplace experiences, the goal for ESFM and their teams is to truly be an integrated part of their client’s ecosystem, offering a wide variety of services, including capital project and subcontractor management, cleaning, maintenance technicians and specialized office services. EFSM currently manages 13 million sq. ft of built space, warehouses, office spaces and manufacturing spaces across Canada.

“Throughout the pandemic, our facility management teams were tasked with navigating the uncertainty of the pandemic; rising to the occasion to help keep our clients and our associates, safe,” said Jacques Webster, president of Business and Industry at Compass Group Canada. “This brand change reflects our commitment to staying on top of state-of-the art services, ultimately making workplaces somewhere people both want to be and feel safe being.”

ESFM currently self-performs end to end facilities management services for clients, creating a consistent hospitality experience that leads to increased satisfaction and engagement. 

“We don’t provide a menu of simple, off-the-shelf services, but instead, a portfolio of solutions that are curated for each client location to support their specific workplace experience needs,” said Paul Schroder, vice president of operations for ESFM. “With the rebranding of our company as ESFM, we are redesigning what tomorrow’s holistic workplace environment will look like.”

While the name is getting a refresh, the ESFM team is committed to upholding the traditional pillars as their foundation, including:

  • Ensure workplace safety.
  • Engage people.
  • Deliver innovative solutions.
  • Create sustainable environments.
  • Elevate user experiences.



Remote Food and Support Services company, ESS North America Achieves ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification

Two ESS North America managed sites have been ISO 22000 certified, the gold standard of food safety and associate health and safety standards.

Calgary, AB – June 07, 2022 – Today, ESS North America, marks World Food Safety Day and announces they have received the prestigious ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification for two managed facilities within their portfolio. The certification for the ESS teams at CNRL Albian Village in Alberta, Canada, and Shell Robert Training and Conference Centre in Louisiana, United States is a testament to the safety-first approach and commitment to excellence of ESS North America, Compass Group Canada’s remote food and support service sector.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 22000 certification was developed as a program, by a non-governmental organization comprised of 161 national standards bodies, to highlight and acknowledge the consequences of unsafe food handling, from the beginning of the journey, throughout the supply chain and handling by receiving parties.

“Safety is a core priority and value for ESS North America” said Gavin Hamilton, vice president operational excellence, “We are incredibly proud to achieve the gold standard in safety certification by the ISO – it’s a true credit to the commitment of our teams to engrain safety in everything we do. From how we store food to how it’s handled – our team takes this responsibility very seriously and sincerely appreciate this recognition of our efforts,” he said.

The addition of these two newly certified sites in Alberta and Louisiana further compliments the company’s safety focus, with East Coast Catering (ECC), a division of ESS North America, having all their sites certified at the ISO 9000 level.

Full compliance of Food Safety and Associate Health & Safety at both ESS North America sites was confirmed after extensive ISO 22000 audits conducted earlier this year.



Media Contacts

Courtney Gardner – Sr Manager, Corporate Communications

[email protected]

Celebrity Chef Corbin Hosts His Final School Kitchen Takeover

Students in Ontario and Atlantic Canada to enjoy healthy and delicious menu items designed specifically for them

Mississauga, ON – May 11, 2022 – Celebrity Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, who rose to fame through his participation on popular Canadian TV shows, and Chartwells Canada today announced his new signature menu items, created specifically for the foodservice provider for schools in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, at an unveiling event hosted by Cawthra Park Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario. Chef Corbin’s new recipes feature current, fun, sophisticated and anything but boring ingredients – making a clear definition between these new menu items and school lunches from Chef Corbin’s school aged days!

Students at Cawthra Park Secondary School will assume the role of judge as they taste test and review the new menu offerings with Chef Corbin and Chartwells on hand to listen to their feedback. Taking what he learns at the taste test, Chef Corbin will adjust his recipes, ensuring that come fall, the meals will meet Chartwells’ highest standards, incorporate delicious flavours, and reflect the views of students.

Chartwells School Dining, food service provider to approximately 300 schools across Ontario and 275 in Atlantic Canada, has partnered with celebrity Chef Corbin since 2014. The partnership allows Chef Corbin to develop signature menu items that reflect students’ tastes and culinary curiosity. Always striving to create innovative and exciting menu offerings, Chef Corbin has continued to unveil exciting new recipes in response to student input and feedback throughout this 8-year partnership.

“I am excited to partner with Chartwells once again to create some new, fun, and exciting offerings that will satisfy our students’ greatest food cravings! I look forward to seeing them in the Chartwell’s kitchen! ” said Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, celebrity chef and cookbook author.

Students will have the chance to sample and then rate the new menu items, including a slider trio with flavourful sides, power-packed salads, and a few other top-secret new dishes!

“Both students and educators love what Chef Corbin brings to our menu every year, and we have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with him. We know recipes from years past were very well received and our students always embrace the new culinary menu selections,” said Stephane Beauchemin, executive vice president, Chartwells School Dining.

Not only are the recipes student-approved and great-tasting; they all meet the current nutrition requirements of the Ontario School Food and Beverage Policy (PPM 150) that sets out nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in publicly funded elementary and secondary schools in Ontario.

Since Chartwells first partnered with Chef Corbin, his popular signature recipes offered in schools to date have included:

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Topped Tater Wedges w/Spicy Black Bean Corn Salsa
  • Black Bean & Grilled Chicken Tostada
  • Bocconcini, Beef & Tomato Penne Pasta
  • Savoury Hand Pies such as Chicken & Vegetables and Jerk Beef
  • Indian Rice
  • Kale Caesar Salad
  • Mango Cilantro slaw

Jeannie Macdonald, senior regional director of operations at Chartwells said, “At Chartwells, we know that school meals need to energize students and provide nourishment to fuel their education. Ensuring they are delicious means students will eat well and be ready to learn. We appreciate this partnership with Chef Corbin that has helped us achieve a true balance between delicious and nutritious offerings.”


Compass Group Canada named as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Canada 2022 by Great Place to Work® Institute

Mississauga, ON, April 28, 2022 – Today, Compass Group Canada, one of the nation’s largest foodservice and support service providers, employing over 15,000 Canadians, announced that they have been recognized as part of the 50 Best Workplaces in Canada™ for 2022. This national and esteemed award recognizes workplaces that have created a culture focused on appreciation and continued growth among their associates.

“Our associates have had to challenge themselves in new ways this past year and we are so proud of everything we have achieved together,” said Saajid Khan, CEO, Compass Group Canada and ESS North America. “They continue to embody our core values of trust and integrity, teamwork, and a passion for quality, – these have become the foundation of our resilience during the pandemic. We owe this recognition to our amazing teams across the country and their ongoing perseverance in supporting our clients, communities, and one another during this difficult time in our history.”

Compass Group Canada implements a ‘people-first’ approach which supports their mission in creating an environment where associates can grow individually and as a collective. For Compass Group Canada, the key to growth and successful working relationships is continually expressing and offering gratitude, building on their already strong culture of recognition.

The company is incredibly proud of their Great Place to Work certification history, with over 4 years of certification in a row and multiple Best Workplaces in Retail and Hospitality and Best Workplaces in Ontario wins. Recently, Compass Group Canada was awarded the inaugural Best Workplaces for Hybrid Work. This is the first time Compass Group Canada has been listed to the Best Workplaces in Canada list.

“Our people continue to be the heart of our company and this award, including our previous successful achievements with the Great Place to Work Institute, is truly a testament to our people and their achievements, especially over the past two years.” said Lauren Davey, CHRO, Compass Group Canada.

Compass Group Canada is honoured to continually show gratitude to their associates. Some of the specific pillars of their culture that were considered for this award include:

  • Recognizing associates is vitally important in fostering a culture of gratitude and recognition. Through recognition programs and awards, there are many ways Compass Group Canada shows appreciation for their positive contributions and impact.
  • Developing associates by supporting and providing ongoing advancement and learning opportunities that allow them to build a fulfilling career path.
  • Encouraging associates to be their true and authentic selves when they show up to work. Compass group Canada has multiple diversity, equity and inclusion councils and programs that educate and support all associates.

Compass Group Canada is humbled and grateful to be named as one of the Best Workplaces™ in Canada 2022 by Great Place to Work® Institute and sends their congratulations to all the winners for the 2022 season.

About Compass Canada:

Compass Group Canada is Canada’s leading foodservice and support services provider with over 20,000 associates working in more than 2,200 locations throughout the country. The company specializes in providing food services and support services across core sectors including leading sports and leisure venues, executive dining rooms and cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences, and hospitals as well as remote camps and offshore oil rigs.

Compass Group Canada has been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2021, an award recognizing best-in-class Canadian organizations for having cultures that help enhance performance and competitive advantage, as well as a Great Place to Work®, in 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019, as a Best Workplaces™ in Canada in 2022 and Retail and Hospitality in 2021, 2020 and as a GTA Top Employer in 2021 and Best Workplaces™ in Ontario 2021. To learn more, visit 


About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high- performance workplace cultures. It is a global research and consulting firm with a mission to build a better society by helping companies transform their workplaces. Great Place to Work® provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognize outstanding workplace cultures. In Canada, Great Place to Work® produces both industry and demographic specific Best Workplace™ lists. This is part of the world’s largest annual workplace study, which culminates in a series of national lists in over 50 countries, including the study’s flagship list of 100 Best Companies published annually in Fortune magazine. Globally, this survey represents the voices of 11 million employees, which are the primary determinant used in selecting winners. There’s only one way to get on this list – your employees have to put you on it. Check out  

Follow Great Place to Work® on Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter and use #BestWorkplacesCA

Compass Group Canada and Foodback Announce Exclusive Partnership to Revolutionize Customer Experience

Compass Group Canada to amplify their track record of outstanding customer service, driven by Foodback’s simple platform and in-the-moment customer insights.


February 2 2022 – Mississauga, ON – Today, Compass Group Canada, one of the nation’s largest foodservice and support service providers, and Foodback, a Norwegian based food-tech software company, announced an exclusive partnership to launch Foodback’s customer experience and feedback tool across Compass Group’s Canadian operations. Foodback’s flexible and easy-to-implement feedback solution launched last week in over 15 units across Compass Group Canada, including schools, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, as a simplified and real-time method to hear from guests and receive actionable insights from day one.

The Foodback software is in the initial pilot phase across Canada, with the goal of onboarding close to 100 more locations by September 2022. Foodback’s science based, 20-second, on-the-spot survey is a welcomed addition to Compass Group Canada’s customer journey, as every opportunity to hear from guests directly is critical in providing world-class service.

“We are thrilled to begin our exclusive Canadian partnership with the Foodback team,” said Michael Hachey, chief innovation officer at Compass Group Canada. “Providing our customers with an easy-to-access and use method to share their experience in our dining areas is crucial to our growth. We want to make sure our guests leave happy and satisfied with their interaction – this partnership will help deliver critical insights as we further revolutionize the customer experience.”

Understanding that consumers today do not have time for overly in-depth surveys that require personal clarifying questions, Foodback has introduced a fresh, simple and most important of all, quick method of feedback. Leveraging the resurgence of QR codes, Foodback offers unique links that speak directly to the site guests are visiting and offers immediate insights to help leadership identify key areas of opportunity for improvements. Additionally, guests can participate in short games post survey with the opportunity to win prizes, further encouraging participation and delighting guests with rewards for their feedback.

“Compass Group Canada continues to illustrate their innovative approach to guest experiences with the addition of Foodback to their toolbox. We are excited to partner with them as they roll out Foodback to venues across the country and utilize the full power of Foodback’s insights to understand and improve the drivers of good and bad guest experiences.” said Derek Greenberg, senior vice president of sales in North America at Foodback.

The partnership between Compass Group Canada and Foodback builds on the company’s experience with US-based sports and entertainment foodservice provider, Levy, a division of Compass Group and Compass Group Norway. This exclusive Canadian partnership brings together a mutual desire to constantly innovate the guest experience and reward guests for providing incredibly valuable feedback on services provided.




About Compass Group Canada

Compass Group Canada is Canada’s leading foodservice and support services provider with over 20,000 associates working in more than 2,200 locations throughout the country. The company specializes in providing foodservices and support services across core sectors including leading sports and leisure venues, executive dining rooms and cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences, and hospitals as well as remote camps and offshore oil rigs.

Compass Group Canada has been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2021, an award recognizing best-in-class Canadian organizations for having cultures that help enhance performance and competitive advantage, as well as a Great Place to Work®, in 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019, as a Best Workplaces™ in Retail and Hospitality in 2021 and 2020 and as a GTA Top Employer in 2021. To learn more, visit 

About Foodback 

Founded in 2013, Foodback’s world-leading guest feedback & insight solution for restaurants is changing how guest experiences are managed. Their goal is to unlock actionable insight and identify hidden business opportunities for restaurants and food retailers, so that they can make data-driven decisions and build meaningful customer relationships.

Foodback enables transparent and data-driven decision-making, boosting your entire organization. To learn more, visit


Media Contact for Compass Group Canada

Courtney Gardner

Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications, Compass Group Canada



Media Contact for Foodback

Kristyn Dørr

Head of Marketing

[email protected]  

(+47) 415 90 509


Let’s Focus on Our Mental Health and Wellness


By: Denise Simas Baltazar, Senior Manager, Diversity, Development & Inclusion


While January can often be a sign of new beginnings and a general refresh for some, it is also when many of us feel the effects of over-extending ourselves during the holidays. Couple that with the current situation of an ongoing COVID-19 case surge and a return to early-pandemic restrictions – it is safe to say that the mental health of Canadians across the country is something we should all be monitoring and supporting.

At Compass Group Canada, we continue to foster a culture of compassion and and empathy.  This is why we launched our just now mental health and wellness initiative in 2019, with a focus on providing resources and safe, judgement-free spaces for all our team members.

Our just now initiative was founded by our Chief People &Culture Officer, Lauren Davey. Lauren’s desire to sponsor this program was a personal one; the tragic loss of a friend to suicide who used the lower-case initials “jn” as her signature. Honouring her friend, the initials jn, turned into just now, because there is no time like the present to make a difference.

The purpose behind just now is to provide associates with mental health resources from trusted experts, foster open dialogue among our colleagues and break the barriers of stigma around talking about mental health.  Our goal is to inspire everyone to make inclusion and well-being a priority – not tomorrow or the next day, but just now.

Since launching, we’ve focused on providing trusted options, and encouraging personal mental health awareness, including initiatives such as health and wellness bonuses for our 15,000+ field associates –  to use towards something that made them smile, mental health and wellness training for all our people leaders, bi-monthly virtual sessions (available on-demand) with mental health professionals on topics such as self-care and how to find the right support, as well as sharing an externally available resource site,

As we begin this year and acknowledge the difficulties January can bring, we recognize the ongoing value of having open and judgement-free discussions around mental health. This year, we are reaffirming our commitment to mental wellness through:

  • Continuing virtual learning sessions with mental health and wellness practitioners, to keep the conversations going
  • Partnership with Bell Let’s Talk Day through our Chartwells education sector, to highlight mental health concerns in the educational & student communities and their 2022 theme of Listening
  • An upcoming refresh and relaunch of our external website, further focusing on equity, diversity and inclusion as mental health stabilizers, with a rally cry of we are stronger together.
  • Recirculating collateral around availability for all our associates to access our 24/7 Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAFP)
  • Continuing to grow our Wellness Sessions resource centre where associates can find all just now session recordings on demand for themselves or loved ones, as we understand that not all our sessions are available at suitable times
  • Upgrading our recognition programs to continue to highlight and reward even more of our amazing associates.

Our commitment to is to make health and wellbeing a priority and we will continue to share information and resources and continue to actively seek feedback.  Remember, you are never alone and we truly are stronger together.


For anyone who has struggled this January – below are three reputable and free resource options to help you through a tough moment. Please do not hesitate to use their resources.

Crisis Text Line

  • Text HOME to 686868 in Canada to text with a trained Crisis Responder


Compass Group Canada named as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures 2021

November 26, 2021 (Mississauga, ON) – Compass Group Canada announced today that they have been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Culture 2021 by Waterstone Human Capital.

This national and prestigious award recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for having cultures that have helped enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage.

“This recognition is a testament to our associates, who embody our values and vision every day,” says Saajid Khan, CEO, Compass Group Canada and ESS North America. “We know that culture isn’t just a program or department. It is something we see our associates bring with them to work each day – with their passion for food and service and genuine enthusiasm to share great experiences with our guests – and I have an immense amount of gratitude to work alongside such special people.”

Led by Compass Group Canada’s Chief People and Culture Officer, Lauren Davey, the company has been on a journey to build an associate-centred culture, beginning with their “Leadership Commitments” –We Care. We Share. We Dream. We Deliver which launched in 2018. With today’s announcement, the success of that commitment is further realized. Some of the specific considerations for this recognition include:

  • A focus on associate wellness through the launch of their just now mental health resource site, a company-wide Mental Wellness bonus program and expansion of benefits to include additional mental health practitioners
  • CompassFIRST, an initiative focused on bringing associates back to work through redeployment into new facilities or open salaried positions. To date, CompassFIRST and returned hundreds associates to active roles within the company
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion promise to Listen, Learn and Act through programs offered in association with their DIACs (Diversity and Inclusion Action Councils) including Black History Month Leadership Panel, Fireside Chat with indigenous leaders, celebration of diversity on social channels and the translation of critical material into multiple languages for associates
  • Supporting communities and the environment through initiatives like the Toronto Police Services Engage416 program and partnering with the Jamaal Magloire Foundation, helping prepare students for back to school with the donation of iPads and school supplies
  • Recognition programs that celebrate their great associates, including relaunching programs to support in-the-moment recognition bonuses for team members and celebrating frontline heroes throughout the pandemic across social channels 

“At Waterstone we believe corporate culture drives performance and that it’s your organization’s greatest asset,” says Marty Parker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Waterstone Human Capital and Chair of the Canada’s Most Admired™ program. “Each of the 2021 award recipients puts culture at the centre of everything they do and demonstrates a commitment to culture as competitive advantage. They set an excellent example of how crafting and sustaining a high-performance culture can drive incredible growth and performance.”

Compass Group Canada will accept this award at the Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Awards Celebration event on March 31, 2022.

If you would like to join the Compass Group Canada team, view their open positions available here.


About Compass Group Canada

Compass Group Canada is Canada’s leading foodservice and support services provider with over 25,000 associates working in more than 2,200 locations throughout the country. The company specializes in providing foodservices and support services across the core sectors including leading sports and leisure venues, executive dining rooms and cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences, and hospitals as well as remote camps and offshore oil rigs. Compass Group Canada has been recognized as one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures in 2021, an award recognizing best-in-class Canadian organizations for having cultures that help enhance performance and competitive advantage, as well as a Great Place to Work®, in 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019, as a Best Workplaces™ in Retail and Hospitality in 2021 and 2020 and as a Greater Toronto Area Top Employer in 2021.

About Waterstone Human Capital:

At Waterstone Human Capital, we inspire organizations to build high performance cultures. We’re a human capital management consulting firm specializing in retained executive search, cultural measurement and assessment, and leadership training and development. We have successfully helped hundreds of entrepreneurial-minded, high-growth organizations across North America recruit, measure and train for fit. Waterstone is also the founder of the Canada’s Most Admired™ Corporate Cultures and Canada’s Most Admired™ CEO programs. These national programs annually recognize best-in-class Canadian organizations and CEOs, for fostering cultures that enhance performance and help sustain a competitive advantage.

For more information, please visit or 

For media inquiries:

Courtney Gardner, Sr. Manager Corporate Communications, Compass Group Canada


[email protected]


Lindsay George, Marketing and Communications Leader, Waterstone Human Capital

[email protected]

416-408-4545 x 227

Flexitarian Lifestyle and Its Effect on our Planet


November is Flexitarian Month – what does that mean? To get a better sense of what ‘Flexitarian’ means – and why it is considered a more planet-friendly lifestyle – we spoke to our sustainability lead at Compass Group Canada, Jana Vodicka. Jana has spent 14 years leading sustainability programs at Compass Group Canada and other public and private sector organizations.

Flexitarian Lifestyle and Its Effect on our Planet

By Jana Vodicka

What is Flexitarian?

Let’s jump right in; the advantage of a flexitarian diet is it is not about absolutes, unlike vegan and vegetarian counterparts – it is a lifestyle that offers flexibility between protein choices (including both animal and plant-based), however favouring the plant-based protein options as both a health and planet conscience decision. The overall goal is to simply increase the amount of meals that are plant based and actively choosing to eat fewer animal products in everyday meals.

According to a recent report from the United Nations, “almost two thirds of food system emissions come from agriculture and land use…”. The message here is simple. As participants in our global community, we need to look for alternative food sources if we intend to have a real impact when it comes to meeting our recent Planet Promise commitment of Global Net Zero by 2050.

Given Compass Group is one of the largest food suppliers in the world, this puts us in a unique position to own that scale and have a real impact when it comes to issues like reducing carbon emissions directly related to animal agriculture and food waste.

This is not a new concept for us; we are constantly driving new and innovative solutions that support our planet health, a great example being our ongoing participation in the annual Stop Food Waste Day campaign, a digital initiative that shares tips and recipes on how we can reduce food waste at home.

The Choice for a Healthy Planet

As I mentioned, the effect of animal agriculture has been implicated by the United Nations as one of the top contributors to the global environmental problems. The land, water and fossil fuels required to farm and keep animals is significant, not to mention deforestation of property to make space for additional livestock.

With meat consumption across the globe rising, the supply of livestock must grow to keep up. The resulting consequence being an ongoing increase of the amount of carbon dioxide and methane emissions released into the atmosphere. Currently, meat production accounts for approximately 18% of human caused GHG’s, meaning our eating habits have a significant influence on climate change.

To address this issue, we have adopted a Plant-Forward approach to our menu selection. This is not a new philosophy, in fact, in 2012 – Compass was one of the founding members of Menus of Change, which focuses on putting plants at the centre of each plate and has been in practice by our Chefs since its inception.

When meal planning with a focus on plant-based proteins, we offer our guests an opportunity to participate in both a healthier diet choice, as well as reducing their intake of animal agriculture and therefore, harmful emissions.

Putting Flexitarian into Practice

As we look at climate-friendly menus, our goal is to approach the practice in simplified ways that can be easily replicated at home. I checked in with Executive Chef Tyler Hallam, who explains our philosophy to include more plants into meals.

“We’ve built this by focusing on 3 main principles: Flip, Blend and Swap.

  • Flip: the tradition portions of meat with vegetables, giving meat a smaller role on the plate
  • Blend: meat with vegetable for items like burgers, meatballs and meatloaf
  • Swap: traditional meat items for plant-based alternatives”

Of course, I must mention that in our business, this practice is brought to life by our truly talented Compass Group Canada chefs, who scour the world for inspiration when it comes to plant-based foods. They thrive within the opportunity to experiment with flavours and ingredients – creating delicious meals and many happen to be plant-based.

I Want to Follow a More Plant-Based Diet – Where Do I Start?

There are lots of simple ways to incorporate more veggies into your diet. For example, the simple act of swapping half your meatball recipe to include grated veggies like carrots and/or zucchini, is an easy way to move towards a flexitarian diet, without giving up family staples.

Another great way to explore a more flexitarian diet? Look outside your traditional meal selections. As Chef Tyler Hallam says “Taking inspiration from a variety of cultural cuisines is not only great for exploring new flavours and ideas, but it can also help to include more vegetables as there are many cultures that eat more plant-based foods as part of their traditional cuisine!”

Thanks for reading! I wish all of you luck on your flexitarian journey!

Jana Vodicka

Sustainability Lead, Compass Group Canada


Looking for more food waste and plant-based recipe tips? Follow us on Instagram @compassgroupcan where we regularly post new and interesting ways to support a plant-based diet and sustainable food choices!

Compass Group makes global commitment to reach Climate Net Zero by 2050

2030 emissions reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative
Group commits to be carbon neutral worldwide on Scope 1 & 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030


Compass Group, the world’s largest food services group which operates in 45 countries, employs around 550,000 people and serves over 5.5 billion meals a year, has announced a commitment to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its global operations and value chain by 2050.

The Group’s Net Zero target makes Compass the first international company in the contract catering industry to announce a global commitment to a 2050 net zero emissions economy. It includes ambitious emissions reduction targets over the next decade which have been validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and a further commitment to be carbon neutral worldwide in its own operations (Scope 1 & 2) by 2030.

Compass Group’s decarbonisation strategy will be delivered through collaboration, innovation, and investment across its global operations. Specific actions include:

  • Transition of all fleet vehicles globally to 100% plug-in electric
  • Switch to renewable electricity across all its own operations
  • Reformulate menus to be low carbon and switch towards more plant-based proteins
  • Increase sourcing from regenerative agriculture
  • Focus on packaging solutions to further reduce single-use plastic
  • 50% reduction in food waste across its operations globally by 2030
  • Increase share of seasonal and locally sourced produce
  • Invest in climate positive projects worldwide to support decarbonisation, compensation and neutralisation including reforestation, biodiversity, freshwater, land and ocean initiatives
  • Deliver a global deforestation-free and land conversion-free supply chain strategy


As well as driving significant reductions in its own operations, the Group will use its scale and global reach to influence and work collaboratively with clients, industry associates, governments and suppliers to reduce their direct GHG emissions, set their own Net Zero and Science Based Targets and help create a more sustainable global food system for all.

Today’s announcement follows the commitment made earlier this year by the Group’s UK & Ireland business to deliver Climate Net Zero across its operations by 2030. Compass intends to leverage the experience of early adopter countries such as the UK to share best practice across the Group and drive accelerated transformation towards its global Net Zero goal.

Dominic Blakemore, Group Chief Executive Officer of Compass Group PLC, said:

“The international food industry has a major role to play in reaching Climate Net Zero and driving the transition to a healthy and sustainable food system. Compass Group’s new global Climate Net Zero target reflects our teams’ commitment to sustainable sourcing, eliminating food waste and transforming our environmental impact.

“Given the complexity of the global food supply chain as it is today, we do not underestimate the scale of the challenge ahead of us. Radical new collaborations are urgently needed across the entire value chain to make it a reality. As the world’s largest food services group, operating at the heart of the global food supply chain, we are in a unique position to influence real change, by working in partnership with our suppliers and encouraging sustainable consumption from the clients and consumers we serve every day.”

Diane Holdorf, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Managing Director, Food & Nature, added:

“We congratulate Compass Group for their ambitious and clear goals for Net Zero, and for their drive to lead and innovate to provide climate-positive solutions on a global scale.  

“Food systems are at the center of integrated solutions for nature, climate and equity. Leadership like this to achieve Net Zero across the entire food value chain is key to addressing the challenges these systems face. We look forward to continuing our collective work with Compass and supporting them in implementing innovative new solutions that sustain healthy people on a healthy planet.”

More details on the Group’s sustainability strategy and Net Zero priorities to 2030 and beyond can be found in its Global Roadmap to Net Zero. It is the Group’s intention to provide an update annually on its progress and Roadmap development within its global Sustainability Report, and the Group has committed to validating its 2050 Net Zero targets with the SBTi once its guidelines are finalised.



For more information, please contact

Compass Group Canada

Courtney Gardner.   647-633-5420


Notes to Editors

Compass Group PLC is the world’s leading food services company, which generated annual revenues of £20.2 billion in the year to 30 September 2020.  It operates in around 45 countries, employs and engages around 550,000 people and serves over 5.5 billion meals a year. The Company specialises in providing food and a range of support services across the core sectors of Business & Industry, Healthcare & Seniors, Education, Sports & Leisure and Defence, Offshore & Remote, with an established brand portfolio. 

Our Kids Media Names Chartwells Canada as Exclusive Dining Services Partner

June 7th, 2021, Toronto, ON – Our Kids Media and Chartwells Canada, a sector of Compass Group Canada, the country’s leading food service and support services provider, today announced a partnership that positions Chartwells Canada as the exclusive dining services partner with Our Kids Media, reaching 1,850 independent schools including 350+ members. 

The goal of the partnership between Our Kids and Chartwells is to deliver added value to their members, providing a unique foundation for messaging around the place of nutrition in learning. The partnership with Our Kids Media and Chartwells Canada will provide nutrition-based resources as well as case studies from key Canadian educational institutions.  

“The dining hall is the social heart of the school. It’s where students gather informally with peers from across the grade levels and faculty, reinforcing lasting relationships,” said Agatha Stawicki, Publisher at Our Kids Media. “It’s also where they learn about nutrition and build knowledge and habits that will remain long after graduation. Partnering with Chartwells Canada fosters a continuation of that learning through their commitment to their holistic approach to an engaging dining experience Chartwells Canada has continually proven their dedication to offering a student-focused dining experience that originates with chef-driven, seasonally inspired menus and responsibly sourced food.

Our Kids Media is Canada’s trusted source for families researching private and independent school options. As such, this partnership will provide an opportunity to engage with industry leaders across the country in a discussion around key topics including health, culture, creative menus, and sustainable sourcing.  

“We are excited to engage with the Our Kids Media community through this partnership by elevating the conversation around student food and nutrition,” said Ashton Sequeira, President, Chartwells Canada. “At Chartwells, we’re committed to developing customized student dining experiences beyond traditional school programs. We bring a focus on health and wellness, curated dining plans for special diets, and functional food education to create a distinct and dynamic student experience.”

 The news today builds on Chartwells Canada’s commitment to nourishing positive experiences for students in private and independent schools, as both a food services and support services provider. Chartwells Canada is excited to build upon the existing longstanding partnerships with the independent schools they serve, including their recently announced partnerships with Bayview Glen Independent School, St. John’s-Kilmarnock School and TFS – Canada’s International School.

About Our Kids Media

Our Kids helps families find the right schools—and helps schools find the right students. We provide the leading platform for families to discover, analyze, compare, and choose independent schools. Each year, over 2,000,000 families use our website, print guide, mobile app, and virtual and live expos throughout their school-research process. This enables us to provide over 350 schools—large and small—with the most effective school-marketing platform available.

About Chartwells

Chartwells Canada is a sector of Compass Group Canada, the country’s leading foodservice and support services provider with over 25,000 associates working throughout the country. The company specializes in providing foodservices and support services across the core sectors including leading sports and leisure venues, executive dining rooms and cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences and hospitals as well as remote camps and offshore oil rigs.  Compass Group Canada has been certified as Great Place to Work (2018; 2019; 2020); Best Workplaces Retail & Hospitality (2019, 2020) and Best Workplaces in Ontario (2020)] by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures.

For More Information, contact:

Our Kids Media

Glen Herbert


[email protected]  

905.272.1843 ext. 26

Chartwells / Compass Group Canada

Courtney Gardner

Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications



Humber College and Chartwells Canada Launch Pilot for Food Delivery Lockers

MISSISSAUGA, ON March 18, 2021 – Humber College and Chartwells today announced a new Food Locker pilot for students at Humber’s North Campus, in partnership with Apex Order Pick Up Solutions. The Food Locker will be the first of its kind at any post-secondary institution in Canada.

Since the pilot commenced on March 15th, students who order their meals through Boost™, a mobile ordering app from Compass Digital Labs North America, an innovative, technology-focused division of parent company, Compass Group Canada, have the option to have their order delivered to an area nearest to them. With four locations around campus to meet Boost™ couriers, and the additional Food Locker across from Gratitude Hall, students can get hot and fresh food where and when they want it with a simple unique QR code scan to access the secured food.

“We’re excited to provide students with new alternatives to campus dining. With the uncertainties of the pandemic, technology allows us the flexibility to continually innovate and improve our guest experience. This is simply a first step.” said Michael Hachey, Chief Innovation Officer at Compass Group Canada, Chartwells’ parent company.

Ashton Sequeira, President of Chartwells Canada, adds “With the long-term impacts of COVID-19 still relatively unknown, there could potentially be a lasting change to how students use on-campus eateries. Piloting this new delivery feature provides an opportunity to try out technology that supports contactless pick up and pay solution and reduces the number of students in a concentrated area.”

Students can now order from the popular “Grill & Co”, one of Compass Group Canada’s culinary concept locations that offers a contemporary burger experience with a playful personality, and a focus on sourcing only quality Canadian ingredients. Humber’s North Campus Students and faculty who would like to participate in the pilot can download the Boost™ app available on iOS and Android stores.

Looking forward, Chartwells hopes to make Boost Food Lockers available to campuses across the country in the fall. “We’re excited to apply the learnings from this pilot to the broader organization and to provide a convenient, contactless pick up solution to students and faculty coast to coast” said Sequeira.


About Chartwells Canada

Chartwells Canada is a sector of Compass Group Canada, the country’s leading foodservice and support services provider with over 25,000 associates working throughout the country. The company specializes in providing foodservices and support services across the core sectors including leading sports and leisure venues, executive dining rooms and cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences and hospitals as well as remote camps and offshore oil rigs.  Compass Group Canada has been certified as Great Place to Work (2018; 2019; 2020); Best Workplaces Retail & Hospitality (2019, 2020) and Best Workplaces in Ontario (2020)] by Great Place to Work®, the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures.

About Compass Group Canada

Compass Group Canada is Canada’s leading foodservice and support services provider with over 25,000 associates working in more than 2,200 locations throughout the country. The company specializes in providing foodservices and support services across the core sectors including leading sports and leisure venues, executive dining rooms and cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences, and hospitals as well as remote camps and offshore oil rigs. Compass Group Canada has been identified as a Great Place to Work®, the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures, in 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018, as a Best Workplaces™ in Retail and Hospitality in 2021 and 2020 and as a Greater Toronto Area Top Employer in 2021.

About Compass Digital Labs (CDL) North America

Compass Digital Labs drives extraordinary customer experiences at the intersection of hospitality and technology. Our suite of digital products empowers operators, enhances customer experiences, and helps identify new business opportunities.

About Apex Order Pick Up Solutions

Apex is the world’s leading provider of self-serve automated pickup solutions for use in foodservice and retail industries. The Apex Heated Pickup Station was a recipient of the 2019 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association. Apex contactless order pickup solutions are in use in over 5,000 restaurant, foodservice and retail locations globally.  Visit for more details.

About Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning   
Humber College is focused on our students’ future. As a global leader in polytechnic education, Humber students receive in-depth theoretical learning and hands-on experience with applied research and extensive industry connections. Humber provides career-focused education to more than 33,000 full-time and 23,000 part-time and continuing education students across three campuses. A comprehensive range of credentials including honours undergraduate degrees, Ontario graduate certificates, diplomas, apprenticeships and certificates, prepare career-ready global citizens to move seamlessly from education to employment. More than 86 per cent of Humber graduates are employed within six months of completing their studies. Visit   

Media Contacts

Compass Group Canada
Courtney Gardner – Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications

Apex Supply Chain
Ashley McNamara – Senior Marketing Director

Compass Digital Lab Communications
[email protected]

Nadia Araujo 
Media Relations and External Communications Specialist 
Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning 
[email protected] | 416.580.1364



Oilers Entertainment Group Launches ICE District Hospitality with Compass Group Canada and Levy

Leverages OEG’s market leadership, Compass Group Canada’s operational power and Levy’s experience serving North America’s most iconic major venues.

EDMONTON, AB, MAR 3, 2021 – Today, Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) announced the launch of ICE District Hospitality for the start of the 2021-22 NHL season, with Compass Group Canada and Levy to enhance the fan experience at Rogers Place and the surrounding ICE District. ICE District Hospitality is a part of OEG’s long-term vision for its food and beverage business and will tap into Compass Group Canada’s operational expertise, as Canada’s leading foodservice company and Levy, a specialized sports and entertainment provider within the Compass Group portfolio. Levy will support ICE District Hospitality through its experience as the market-leader in delivering world-class hospitality at major sports and entertainment venues and iconic events.

“ICE District Hospitality will build upon a strong foundation to elevate the food and beverage offering for our guestwhile creating an integrated hospitality experience across ICE District,” said OEG Business President & COO Tom Anselmi. “We are delighted to work with Compass Group Canada and Levy to bring their experience and creativity to ICE District. We will create a signature experience for guests to ICE District and it starts with fresh, diverse and inspired food and beverage choices, delivered with exceptional service.”

“We thank Aramark for spearheading the launch of our food and beverage program at Rogers Place during our first five years of operation,” Anselmi added.

ICE District Hospitality will be responsible for the Rogers Place food and beverage program, including general concessions, suites and club level dining, restaurants and catering. ICE District Hospitality will also work within a broader, integrated food & beverage program for ICE District, working with its sister company, Oliver & Bonacini, to build off the success of its initial offerings – Braven, Kindred and Alchemy. At the core of ICE District Hospitality will be a focus on elevated hospitality embracing the very best ingredients from local farmers and purveyors, fused with the dynamic and diverse Edmonton culinary landscape. The company is also committed to hiring local hospitality industry talent to help deliver the experience.

“OEG has created an entertainment destination in ICE District that is on par with any you’ll find around the world,” said Andy Lansing, President and CEO of Levy. “We’re honored to join OEG in fulfilling the vision of the District. From delivering the experiences that Oilers fans enjoy most to creating new, signature hospitality experiences throughout the district. Through it all, we’ll continue to work with the community and Edmonton’s incredible hospitality talent.”

Levy and Compass Group Canada, both sectors within the portfolio of parent company Compass Group, will join OEG to bring ICE District Hospitality to life. Levy will support the development of unique hospitality concepts and programming, and Compass Group Canada will provide the operational expertise and resources.

Levy is known for creating many of the most acclaimed food and beverage experiences in sports and entertainment, from food hall collaborations with local restaurants in concessions and personalized service in premier clubs and suites, to dining and entertainment districts that operate year-round. Levy’s partners include a market-leading roster of major arenas across the continent, including Bell Centre in Montreal, Barclays Center in Brooklyn, United Center in Chicago, and Staples Center in LA, as well as Michelin Star restaurants and award-winning cultural attractions. In crafting hospitality for premium seating areas in Rogers Place, Levy will also tap into its roots as the original innovator bringing restaurant quality food and beverage service to stadium suites. 

Compass Group Canada is Canada’s leading foodservice provider, with more than 2,200 locations throughout the country. Through operational excellence, innovation and seamless execution, the company brings outstanding experiences to guests across the country. Compass Group Canada amplifies their offering further through strategic partnerships including a decade-long relationship with Oliver & Bonacini, to provide a premium culinary experience to guests and clients.

More information about dining at Rogers Place and the surrounding ICE District will be available closer to the 2020-21 season.


About Oilers Entertainment Group

Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) delivers leading sports, entertainment and special event programming to fans and patrons in Canada and the United States. OEG owns the five-time Stanley Cup Champion Edmonton Oilers, the WHL’s Edmonton Oil Kings, the AHL’s Bakersfield Condors, operates Rogers Place, the top venue in North American sports and entertainment, and anchor of ICE District, Canada’s largest mixed-use sports and entertainment district, a destination for people from all corners of the city, country and world.

 About Levy

The disruptor in defining the sports and entertainment hospitality experience, Levy is recognized as the market leader and most critically acclaimed hospitality company in its industry. Twice named one of the 10 most innovative companies in sports by Fast Company magazine and one of the top three Best Employers for Diversity in America by Forbes, Levy’s diverse portfolio

includes award-winning restaurants; iconic sports and entertainment venues, zoos and cultural institutions, theaters, and convention centers; as well as the Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, US Open Tennis Tournament, Kentucky Derby, and NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, and MLS All-Star Games. For more, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Compass Group Canada

Compass Group Canada is Canada’s leading foodservice and support services provider with over 25,000 associates working in more than 2,200 locations throughout the country. The company specializes in providing foodservices and support services across the core sectors including leading sports and leisure venues, executive dining rooms and cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences, and hospitals as well as remote camps and offshore oil rigs. Compass Group Canada has been identified as a Great Place to Work®, the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures, in 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018, as a Best Workplaces™ in Retail and Hospitality in 2021 and 2020 and as a Greater Toronto Area Top Employer in 2021.

For more information, contact:
Tim Shipton, Oilers Entertainment Group: (780)909-8584, [email protected]

Kevin Memolo, Levy: (312) 335-4741, [email protected]

Courtney Gardner, Compass Group Canada: (647) 633-5420, [email protected]


Durham College to Transform Food Services with Chartwells

Chartwells TAGB

Introducing DCEats: Food Matters

TORONTO, ON – October 19, 2020 – After a comprehensive review of proposals from December 2019, Durham College announced they have awarded their food service contract to Chartwells, a division of Compass Group Canada, who put forward an approach that supports Durham College’s strategic pillars – students, people, work and community.  Access to nutritional, holistic and diverse food offerings on campus is important for an enriched post-secondary experience. When students, employees and community are eating well, they can focus on what matters – learning and developing personal and professional skills while supporting each other.

Food matters at Durham College. When the campus reopens to students and employees, food services will operate with a new brand: DCEats: Food Matters. By branding food services DC EATS, we are providing Durham College with a culinary vision that is unique to Durham College. By living the Food Matters mantra, Chartwells aligns to the studentsfirst culture at DC and supports the campus with the people and resources of Chartwells.

“We look forward to Chartwells providing creative, healthy, customer-focused food services when students and employees return to our campuses,” said Barbara MacCheyne, Vice-President, Administration and Chief Financial Officer, Durham College.

As part of this partnership, DC and Chartwells will collaborate to expand experiential learning and employment opportunities for students. In addition, many of the college’s academic and co-curricular programs, such as athletics, AI Hub, Centre for Food and sustainability office, will be included in future planning for food services.

“We are honoured to partner with Durham College and bring DCEats to life on campus to complement their already exceptional student experience,” said Ashton Sequeira, President of Chartwells. “We recognize there will be sensitivities returning to campus during the COVID-19 pandemic and we assure you the health and safety of our guests and the school community is of the utmost importance – we have the necessary protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone in our care. We look forward to transforming your on campus dining experience.”

Stay tuned for more information about the innovative food projects DC and Chartwells will be rolling out throughout our partnership.

Compass Group Canada Acquires Majority Ownership of Assembly Chef’s Hall

On November 27, Toronto restaurateur and entrepreneur Andreas Antoniou and Compass Group Canada announced a landmark partnership deal with Assembly Chef’s Hall. Under the terms of the agreement, Compass Group Canada will assume a majority stake in the 18,000 square foot venue in Toronto’s financial district, further solidifying the Chef’s Hall as a premier, gourmet food destination.

Joined by The Honourable John Tory, Assembly Chef’s Hall celebrated its grand opening in December 2017 positioning itself as Canada’s very first chef-driven market.  Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, it has become home to Toronto’s top chefs, food purveyors and baristas and has become synonymous with both quality and caliber. Today, Assembly Chef’s Hall is recognized as a leading event venue and culinary destination by Venue Report and Canadian Geographic and proudly serves more than 2,500 guests each day.

“No other retail category has seen as much significant growth as food halls in recent years and that is why we believe we have captured the attention of Compass Group Canada,” said Antoniou. “Their strong investment track record and deep focus on operational and strategic development makes them an ideal partner for Assembly Chef’s Hall and our expansion plans.”

As majority owner of Assembly Chef’s Hall, Compass Group Canada brings vast experience in technology driven experiences, scaling businesses and providing purchasing power. In recent months, Compass Group Canada has doubled down on its mission to create outstanding culinary experiences, including an exclusive partnership with Copper Branch, the world’s largest vegan restaurant chain. The company will leverage the innovative approach and culture of Assembly Chef’s Hall to further strengthen and drive their culinary offering.

 “We are thrilled to partner with Andreas Antoniou on his outstanding vision – the Assembly Chef’s Hall,” said Saajid Khan, CEO Compass Group Canada. “As a business, we are not focused on being the largest, we are focused on being the best, particularly when it comes to our culinary offering. This Chef’s Hall exemplifies the very best in culinary excellence and we look forward to bringing that experience to our guests and sharing this culinary innovation incubator with our talented Chefs within Compass, while helping to build on this innovative concept.”

Under the new agreement and corporate structure, Andreas Antoniou will remain the President of Assembly Chef’s Hall. Saajid Khan, CEO Compass Group Canada and Michael Hachey, Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Group Canada, will join the Assembly Chef’s Hall Board of Directors.

The formula for success was not accidental. Assembly Chef’s Hall was conceptualized and executed to serve as an amenity to the Richmond Adelaide Centre, a flagship asset of Oxford Properties. It has succeeded in attracting the city’s most talented culinary experts by creating a model that allowed food entrepreneurs to launch or expand their restaurants downtown at a fraction of the cost. Under this model, Assembly Chef’s Hall takes care of all operational and development functions so that the chefs can focus on what matters most: Food and Service.

“Compass Group Canada recognizes the significant potential of our concept, and we know that our strategic alliance will allow us to deploy scalable technology and pursue future opportunities,” said Antoniou.

The partnership between Compass Group Canada and Assembly Chef’s Hall came into full effect on October 7, 2019.

About Assembly Chef’s Hall
Assembly Chef’s Hall is where Toronto’s best chefs, restaurateurs and baristas come together to feed the city. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, this chef-driven community market is the first of its kind in Canada and offers upscale menus in a fast-casual setting. Visitors to Assembly Chef’s Hall experience some of the city’s very best, including global cuisines from unique food and beverage vendors, along with a diverse range of craft beers and spirits. Assembly Chef’s Hall is open Monday through Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 18,000-square foot space is located at 111 Richmond Street West and includes a wine bar, massive beer hall and downtown Toronto’s largest outdoor patios

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The Property Brothers Team Up with Chartwells, Canada’s Largest Educational Food Service Provider To Get Canada Reading

The Property Brothers, Drew Scott (L) and Jonathan Scott (R) with Ashton Sequeira, President Chartwells Canada, announce plans to promote literacy in Chartwells’ elementary schools across the country with the launch of brothers’ new kids book, Builder Brothers: Better Together. Photo credit: Dennys Ilic

Chartwells Canada partners with Drew and Jonathan Scott, twin hosts of HGTV Canada’s Property Brothers to build youth literacy in Canadian students through their ‘Campaign for Literacy’ program

TORONTO, ON – September 5, 2019 Today, Chartwells, Canada’s largest educational foodservice provider, and TV hosts Drew and Jonathan Scott, (Property Brothers), announced a unique and exciting partnership to promote literacy among Canadian youth. Through this partnership, Chartwells will distribute the Property Brothers’ new book, Builder Brothers: Better Together to Chartwells K-12 and private school locations across Canada. Chartwells will be the first to bring this innovative literacy program to the Canadian K-12 and private school education landscape with this one-of-a-kind partnership.     

The book will be available to elementary schools within Chartwells’ 550+ K-12 and private schools from coast to coast. Students will be encouraged to “borrow a book,” take it home to read with their caregivers, and participate in the interactive mini racecar building exercise at the end of the book. Chartwells will then track the number of hours the children spend reading as part of a wider campaign promoting youth literacy across Canada. 

“We are so proud to be partnering with the Property Brothers on this one-of-a-kind Campaign for Literacy,” said Ashton Sequeira, President, Chartwells. “At Chartwells, we focus on nourishing the minds of Canadian youth — it’s not only our business, it’s our responsibility. We know a well-balanced diet is a critical factor in overall well-being, but our commitment to nourishment goes beyond the nutritious, better-for-you meal options we serve students. Our goal is to help nourish the whole student. Mind, Body and Soul.”

“Chartwells is incredibly committed to enriching the communities they serve, and we are excited to collaborate with them under their Thinking Ahead Giving Back platform and launch this program that supports a big push for literacy across Canada,” said Drew Scott. 

Added Jonathan Scott: “We have always been passionate about reading and storytelling and the way it inspires us to dream big. Kids benefit so much from spending time reading aloud with their parents, teachers, and caregivers. It’s engaging, enlightening, and social. It builds curiosity, memory, and motivation and shows kids that anything is possible.”

This partnership connects directly to Chartwells’ platform, Thinking Ahead Giving Back, where Chartwells has pledged to:

  • Deliver 1,000,000 meals both domestically and globally to tackle food insecurity,
  • Provide 10,000 hours of community support around mental health and other challenges facing their students, and
  • Create 1,000 job connections through a more focused commitment to student employment

The Campaign for Literacy supports Chartwells’ commitment to providing 10,000 hours of community support by helping students at the elementary school level develop their literacy and reading skills, while decreasing the amount of time spent in front of a screen. To date, Chartwells, with the support of their partner schools across the country, have delivered over 1.4 million meals to children in need and provided more than 17,000 hours of community support.

Drew and Jonathan Scott, known to millions as the hosts of HGTV’s top‐rated show Property Brothers, made their debut as picture book authors last fall with their fun and imaginative New York Times bestseller Builder Brothers: Big Plans. This September, the brothers are back with the next adventure for kid brothers Drew and Jonathan, Builder Brothers: Better Together (HarperCollins; $17.99 US/$21.99 CAD; on sale September 10, 2019). Young Drew and Jonathan do everything together, whether they’re building birdhouses or dreaming up big plans for their future. They’re not just twins; they’re best friends. So when their town sponsors a soapbox derby race, Drew and Jonathan are first in line to enter. But when the rubber hits the road and the brothers just can’t agree on how to build the best car, they wind up competing against each other! Can one of them win without the other? Complete with charming illustrations by Kim Smith and a do‐it‐yourself project to build a miniature race car, Builder Brothers: Better Together is a hilarious and heartwarming story that reminds young readers that everything is better when you work together.

About Drew and Jonathan Scott

Drew and Jonathan Scott are multifaceted entrepreneurs, authors, and twin television personalities. They are the cofounders of Scott Brothers Global, a leading lifestyle and entertainment enterprise which includes the award‐winning production company Scott Brothers Entertainment, the home furnishings collection Scott Living, and the digital design and renovation platform Casaza. The Scott Brothers also host multiple top‐rated HGTV series, including the Emmy nominated and Canadian Screen Awards–winning Property Brothers and Brother vs. Brother, as well as their new show Forever Home. Their shows are enjoyed by millions of viewers in over 160 countries. All three of their books—Dream Home, It Takes Two: Our Story, and Builder Brothers: Big Plans—are New York Times best‐sellers, and in 2017, Drew and Jonathan were named Habitat Humanitarians, the highest recognition awarded by Habitat for Humanity. For more information on Drew and Jonathan Scott, visit

Canadian companies – Compass Group + Copper Branch – launch national partnership to deliver network of new, 100% plant-based power food locations

Partnership allows opening of up to 50 locations over 10 years

to improve the availability of vegan options in hospitals and on campuses across Canada

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada – July 31, 2019 – Compass Group Canada, the country’s leading food service provider, and Copper Branch, the world’s largest vegan restaurant chain, today announced the launch of an exclusive national partnership aimed at improving the availability of plant-based options in healthcare and post-secondary settings in Canada.

Today, more Canadians identify as vegan or vegetarian than at any other point in history, with nearly three million adopting plant-based diets. Increasingly, customers—particularly those in healthcare and educational settings—are looking for healthy, plant-based alternatives. This partnership unites the plant-based food expertise of Copper Branch and the food service expertise of Compass Group Canada to deliver a best-in-class experience for Canadian customers seeking improved access to vegan options.

Under this agreement, Compass Group Canada has the option to open up to 50 Copper Branch locations over the next 10 years, with five planned openings in the next year. These new locations will put a wider array of healthy, plant-based options within reach for Compass Group Canada customers while simultaneously fueling Copper Branch’s growth.

“We are committed to making sustainability a key driver in our decision making.  Plant-forward meals is one of the key action platforms of the Compass Group sustainability strategy, promoting menu choices that are better for the body and the planet,” said Michael Hachey, Chief Innovation Officer at Compass Group Canada. “This strategic partnership is a direct response to what our customers have told us: they want healthy, plant-based options that are environmentally sustainable and fit into a well-balanced lifestyle. We are excited to partner with Copper Branch – a homegrown Canadian success story, and the world’s largest vegan restaurant chain – to offer more plant-based options for customers who want them.” 

 “Copper Branch understands the role 100% plant-based power food can play in a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle,” said Rio Infantino, Copper Branch’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership with Compass Group Canada will allow us to put vegan options within reach for more Canadians while accelerating our growth and expanding our national footprint. We are thrilled to partner with the nation’s leading food service provider to diversify diets from coast to coast.”

Copper Branch
Started in 2014 and headquartered in Montreal, Copper Branch is a privately held company and
holds the distinction of being the largest and fastest growing plant-based fast casual chain in the world. The company’s mission is to Empower, Energize and make people feel their Best;
providing a convenient, plant-based dining experience without sacrificing taste, quality or
satisfaction. The reasonably priced, 100% plant-based menu items are never fried and consist of mainly organic and non-GMO ingredients. For locations, menus and other details, visit  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @CopperBranch