Our food philosophyA COMMITMENT TO QUALITY

Foodies serving foodies. Gourmets serving gourmets. Epicures serving epicures. No matter the title, dining with Compass is all about the food. Our culinary team prepares your food with quality ingredients, a focus on nutrition, and a passion for the dining experience.


Sourcing theright ingredients

It begins with fresh, wholesome ingredients. We’re sourcing locally and seasonally to serve the unique needs of our customers and sustainability is always top of mind. Our commitment to the planet sustains animal, plant, and aquatic life and minimizes the environmental impact.

Our procurement team at Foodbuy is dedicated to sourcing sustainable and safe food and products and we use our expertise and sizable purchasing power to engage our suppliers to pursue industry-leading environmental, social, and ethical best practices.

Focusing onlifelong wellness

It’s our responsibility to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of our guests by making it easier for them to attain their healthy living goals. Eating well is about more than simply having good food available. Our commitment to wellness includes offering delicious food that nourishes bodies, providing helpful resources, incentivizing nutritious choices, and encouraging active lifestyles.



Creators and innovatorsour dedicated chefs

From scratch dishes made just for you. Each day, each meal, and each bite, our chefs are showcasing their personal influences and professional talents through food.

Our teams continually create new menu offerings drawing inspiration from personal experiences, regional and international fare, and the latest culinary trends.