Teaching nutrition for life,
from the first day of school
to graduation.


We areChartwells K12

Bringing education to the cafeteria.

With Chartwells K12, we believe students need two things to make good decisions about the foods they eat: healthy options and the insight to choose wisely. Whether by keeping up with the latest dining trends or new cafeteria technologies, we’re dedicated to growing and learning right along with the students we serve.



Each person is presented with around 250 food decisions each day, and each of those decisions has an impact now and in the future.

Chartwells is happy to help make those decisions easier. By sourcing seasonal and local foods, teaching our students the impact food has on both their bodies and the planet, and focusing on lifelong wellness, we’re proud to offer a constantly changing variety that is always the “right” choice.

WELLpower is our wellness program that promotes healthy living. Our goal is simple…to inspire people to eat nourishing food that will help them sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Compass Chartwells Canada K-9 Farm
Compass Chartwells Canada K-9 Farm


Whether through local initiatives or charities at your school, we strive to stay involved and contribute to the communities we serve.

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