Elevating the senior living experience
for residents and communities across Canada.



Delivering the premier resident experience.

At Marquise Hospitality we are serious about elevating the senior living Experience for Residents and communities across Canada. For us this means delivering a premier Resident Experience. 

At Marquise, our Residents come first and our Marquise Hospitality Associates have created a hospitality culture where service excellence is our highest priority.

Our services range from offering a wide variety of foods without compromising on nutrition and wellness to providing housekeeping and a full suite of facility services.

Food & Nutrition

Research suggests the average person makes around 250 food decisions each day.

With so many options, Marquise Hospitality is happy to make these decisions a little easier. By sourcing seasonal and local foods, focusing on lifelong wellness for each of our guests, and preparing from scratch meals, we’re proud to offer a constantly changing variety that is always the “right” choice.



Support Services

Each client has unique needs for their people and workplace.

With a technical focus on processes, and highly trained and knowledgeable associates, Marquise can build a specialized mix of services specific to meet each client’s needs. We place a high priority on quality, safety, and cleanliness and are dedicated to sustainable practices.


Whether through local initiatives or charities in your community, we strive to stay involved and contribute to the areas we serve.

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