Through your donations to Nourish, Compass Group Canada has been able to help fund over 80 existing and new gardens supported since 2016. Clearly, Nourish and the Garden Grant Program is flourishing through your support.

These gardens help thousands of Canadians have access to fresh nutritious vegetables and fruits, provides them with educational information about nutrition and offers their users a sense of community, pride and involvement.

Gardens Across the Nation


Bonnyville Friendship Centre will build a new garden, including four raised beds, install a greenhouse, and provide educational programming for food bank clients. – Bonnyville 

The Drumheller Salvation Army Food Bank will expand their existing garden, offer more volunteer opportunities, and create new programming for their clients. – Drumheller 

The Interfaith Food Bank Society of Lethbridge can expand both the educational programs offered at their existing garden and their cooking programs. – Lethbridge

Medicine Hat and District Food Bank will use their funding to purchase equipment for an existing garden; a garden they use to teach hundreds of children throughout the year. – Medicine Hat

Iyahrhe Nakoda Food Bank will be able to double the size of their existing garden. – Morley


Kaslo Food Hub/North Kootney Lake Food Cupboard are creating a brand new garden that will engage and support their current food bank users and provide local students with hands on gardening experience. – Kaslo

Okotoks Food Bank Association will use their funding to create a new community learning garden in an effort to promote healthier communities.


Medicine Hat and District FoodBank created a new community garden initiative to support their innovative wraparound response to food insecurity.
Medicine Hat


Lakes District Family Enhancement Society will build a new garden to grow food for the food bank’s kitchen and provide garden education to their clients Burns Lake 

SHARE Family and Community Services Society can now expand their existing garden, thereby increasing access to fresh produce for food bank families.Coquitlam

People for a Healthy Community of Gabriola Society will add a composting program to their existing garden with a goal of composting half of the zero waste materials on site. The composting program will be used as a learning opportunity for elementary school student gardeners. Gabriola

Hope Community Services will expand an existing garden with new garden plots, and hire a coordinator to provide gardening education. – Hope  

The Friends in Need Food Bank Society will partner with an existing community garden to increase fresh food and will add educational programming for their clients.Maple Ridge 

The Salvation Army Penticton Community Food Bank will improve their existing infrastructure by rebuilding raised garden beds, purchase tools, and create new educational programming. – Penticton 

Community Connections (Revelstoke) Society will build a new garden to supply fresh food to 80 food bank clients each week, in addition to providing them with volunteer opportunities. – Revelstoke 

The Richmond Food Bank will expand an existing garden, purchase tools, seeds and gardening equipment, and offer new gardening workshops to their food bank clients. – Richmond 

The Salmo Community Foodbank will use their funds to build a new garden, greenhouse and boxed gardens. They will also offer learning opportunities to food bank clients. – Salmo 

Salt Spring Island Community Services Food Bank will expand an existing garden and purchase new tools, equipment and seeds. – Salt Spring Island

The Sooke Food Bank will use their funds to add four new garden beds to an existing garden.Sooke 


Cherryville Food Bank is using their grant to establish a new community garden; 100% of the produce they grow will go to the food bank. – Cherryville

Powell River Action Centre Society will establish a new community garden with greenhouse to supplement local food bank offerings; currently they provide hampers to 500 recipients each month – this investment will definitely help expand their reach. – Powell River


The Richmond Food Bank Society “Gardens for Good,” supported ten community gardens at five agency locations for low-income gardeners.

Eagle Valley Community Support Society (Food Bank program) expanded their successful community and teaching garden, built a greenhouse and purchased equipment, fruit trees, seeds and kitchen equipment for a teaching program.

The Sparwood Food Bank developed a new community garden initiative.


Samaritan House Ministries Inc. expanded in ground garden plots, and developed a market garden social enterprise to support food bank clients.


Helpline Inc. will repair an existing garden and purchase a greenhouse. Oromocto 

The Community Food Basket will partner with a local school and neighbouring food bank to build a new garden and provide teaching opportunities to children and youth volunteers. – Saint John


Geener Village Community Food Centre will use their grant to expand their current garden capacity by creating new garden beds in some unused property. – Fredericton

Greater Blackville Resource Centre is creating a community garden with the idea of creating a teaching garden while providing produce to the food bank.
Upper Blackville

Hampton Food Basket are expanding their well-established community garden (the primary source of fresh produce for the Hampton Food Bank) with the addition of a number of raised garden beds. – Hampton

The Pedvac Foundation will expand their existing community garden and add a greenhouse. Cooking classes are offered as are educational sessions for community members and food bank clients. – Port Elgin

Volunteer Family Services are developing a teaching garden that will supplement their existing community garden. Through the new garden, clients will learn how to preserve the produce and how to cook using the preserved food. Their funding will go towards the purchase of much needed tools and new soil to enhance the quality of the current soil. – Woodstock


The Shepody Food Bank purchased equipment they used to create a new garden in Albert County (a food desert) with strong community partnerships and where the gardeners are the food bank clients. – Riverside-Albert

West Side Food Bank in St. John were able to expand their existing community garden, and constructed a greenhouse to extend the growing season and increase the amount of produce grown. – St. John


The Rainbow Food Bank will build a new garden with 20 raised beds and provide volunteer opportunities to the community. – Sheet Harbour


The Fundy Interchurch Food Bank will complement and expand the growing season of their existing garden with the installation of a new greenhouse. They expect to provide between 15 and 40 food bags (weighing anywhere from seven to 10 pounds) to local drop in centres and food banks each week.


The Family SOS Association in Halifax purchased beehive equipment to support a social enterprise with at-risk youth. The youths established a small business and sold the honey, with the funds going to support continued programming and sustainability. – Halifax

Feed Nova Scotia purchased six aeroponic vertical garden towers to be hosted in agencies as a pilot program yielding roughly 1,380 kg of fresh food for agencies in the coming year. – Halifax


Community Care of West Niagara is building a new garden to provide their food bank families with fresh food and teaching opportunities. Niagara

Beamsville  The Gleaners Food Bank Quinte Inc., will expand an existing seniors’ garden plot to grow food for their food bank clients. – Belleville 

Lanark County Food Bank (The Hunger Stop) are building a new 1,500 square foot community garden in partnership with the local school. –Carleton Place 

East Wellington Community Services will partner with a local farm to create a community garden and provide educational events, programming and volunteer opportunities.Erin 

Centre Wellington Food Bank will purchase a greenhouse; produce from the greenhouse will go to food bank clients, and the food banks’ kitchen. – Fergus   

The Hagersville Food Bank will expand their existing garden plot, purchase tools, plants and trees, and introduce a new cooking program.Hagersville 

North York Harvest Food Bank will expand an existing garden plot, purchase new gardening materials and hire a staff coordinator. North York 

The Ottawa Food Bank will purchase a water transplanter for their existing five acre garden. – Ottawa   

The Table Community Food Centre will use funds to improve their existing gardening infrastructure with the addition of raised garden beds. They also plan to add new educational programming. – Perth 

The Southern Frontenac Community Services Corporation will enhance their existing irrigation infrastructure with the addition of a rainwater collection system. – Sydenham 

The Salvation Army St. Marys Food Bank plans to build three raised garden beds and introduce educational programming. – St Marys 

The Regional Food Distribution Centre will create a garden and install an aquaponics system. – Thunder Bay 

The Hope Centre is going to purchase supplies for an existing garden, run programming for shelter residents, and provide food to the soup kitchen. – Welland 

The Salvation Army Wiarton Community Church will work with youth volunteers to build a new garden for food bank clients. Wiarton 

Community Food Share is building a new garden.Winchester 

The Unemployed Health Centre of Windsor Inc. will use their funds to improve soil quality in an existing garden. – Windsor


Project Share are using their grant money to expand and improve upon their existing gardens by replacing their raised garden beds, adding a hoop garden (to expand the growing season) and adding tabletop gardens for community members with mobility issues. These initiatives will only improve upon the over 2,000 pounds of produce grown last year. – Niagara Falls

The Sharing Place Food Bank wants to expand its educational/food outreach programs by introducing a community garden component. The plot has been donated and funding will be used to build a storage shed and purchase gardening tools and supplies. – Orillia


The Regional Food Distribution Association’s FBC + Fresh Garden Incubator for Northwestern Ontario, a model garden for those set up in remote communities purchased new equipment and gardening materials.
Thunder Bay

House of Lazarus Matilda Resource Centre established a new community garden “Gardening for Groceries”, and offered workshops on cooking and preserving to support their food bank clients. – Mountain

Southern Frontenac Community Services Corporation designed and constructed a root cellar in order to provide cold storage for food bank produce. – Sydenham

The Table Community Food Centre (Good Food Bank), grew their existing, successful garden initiative and increased vertical growing materials, plants and seeds. – Perth

The North Hastings Community Cupboard expanded their current gardening initiatives to convert their entire property, except for their parking lot, into gardens. – Bancroft

Centre Wellington Food Bank brought together five community garden groups to build efficiency and share resources and knowledge and upgrade the gardens. – Fergus

Lanark County Food Bank (The Hunger Stop) built a brand new garden in front of their food bank; they grew additional food, supported food/nutrition education and engaged the community in their work. – Carleton Place

Golden Town Outreach held gardening workshops, offers a school garden program and a summer youth community garden program for low-income youth. – Meaford

The Exchange – Caledon Community Services purchased seeds, compost and tools and provided workshops for the 2016 growing season. – Bolton


Moisson Kamouraska will develop a brand new community garden and the vegetables grown will help supply some 50 food banks with fresh produce. They also intend to provide clients with food education (the growing and preparation of different foods) and to show them that there are alternatives to food assistance. – Ste-Anne-Pocatir

Moisson Quebec want to use their funding to purchase seeds, soil and gardening equipment for their cooperative garden. These purchases will help them to diversify the produce available to households and improve soil fertility which in turn will increase their yields. – Quebec City


Moisson Beauce built a new community garden and a new greenhouse.
Saint-Georges-de-Beauce Quebec

Moisson Vallée Matapédia used the funds to help plann a new community garden initiative and the purchase of tools, equipment, seeds and dirt. – Amqui


Carlyle and District Food Bank Inc. will purchase supplies and recruit volunteers for a “Grow A Row” program. – Carlyle 

Southeast Healthability Society (Moosomin Food Bank) will establish a new community garden for 32 food bank families. –Moosomin

The Regina and District Food Bank Inc. will purchase and install four vertical aeroponic tower gardens in their Four Season Urban Agriculture Community Greenhouse. – Regina


The Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre’s garden is already well-established, producing 10 -15,000 pounds of produce each year, and has a strong educational and community focus. This grant will allow them to improve rain catchment and install an automated drip irrigation system improving their environmental impact and crop yield. – Saskatoon


The Food Society of Whitehorse will add to an existing community garden by purchasing top soil to fill their raised garden beds. With the high cost of produce in the north, the vegetables they grow will help supplement supplies at the food bank. – Whitehorse


St. Vincent de Paul and Immaculate Conception will use their funds to create a new garden and repair an existing greenhouse at a local school.Harbour Grace