Body. Community. Planet.SUSTAINABILTY & WELLNESS

Doing the right thing for our guests, society, and the environment within and beyond our doors.


Responsibility toOUR BODY

It’s our responsibility to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of our guests by making it easier for them to attain their healthy living goals. Eating well is about more than simply having good food available. Our commitment to wellness includes offering delicious food that nourishes bodies, providing helpful resources, incentivizing nutritious choices, and encouraging active lifestyles.

Responsibility ToOUR COMMUNITY

We are partners in the communities in which our associates live and work and our objective is to actively promote, support, and engage with these communities through charitable giving, associate volunteerism, and investment initiatives.

Learn about our Nourish program, Aboriginal Relations, and more!



Responsibility toOUR PLANET

Beyond the physical effects food has on our bodies, food production impacts all areas of our planet’s health. Our commitment to the planet supports the communities involved in each of the steps that bring our food from seed to table.

Our procurement team at Foodbuy is dedicated to sourcing sustainable and safe food and products and we use our expertise and sizable purchasing power to engage our suppliers to pursue industry-leading environmental, social, and ethical best practices. Simultaneously, our operations are reducing environmental impacts in the areas of waste,
energy, water, and pollution.


Whether you’re looking for nutrition advice and recipes, recent community activities, or new initiatives from our sustainability team, check out our Newsroom to find the latest.

Sustainability & Wellness News