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Our dedicated sectors operate in key markets across Canada to provide industry leading foodservice and support services.

Business & Industry

Compass Group Canada brings exceptional foodservice and support services to business and industry organizations coast to coast.

From entertaining the CEO in the executive dining room to grabbing lunch with co-workers at the employee dining centre, excellent service is always provided. Whether it is in offices, distribution centres, factories or any other work environment, food and support service excellence is our goal.


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From kindergarten to colleges and universities, we provide nutrition to help the development of young minds and bodies.

Chartwells is committed to providing nourishing meals for students and young adults across the country. It is not only our business, it is our responsibility. We know that a well balanced diet is important for an individual’s state of mind and long-term happiness.


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We serve some of the largest and most prominent hospitals and health systems in the country.

Nutrition is critical in healthcare, so we strive to deliver meals that meet the complex, daily nutritional requirements of our patients and residents. We are proud to offer a variety of Balanced Choice meal options to patients, visitors and healthcare employees.

Our partnerships go beyond food for many of our clients. Support services are a natural complement to foodservices, resulting in superior customer care and efficient professional operations. Our specialized services include Environmental, Patient Transport, Linen & Laundry, Maintenance, and Healthcare Technology Services.

Our fully integrated services can free you to attack both the challenges and opportunities that await in healthcare!


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Leisure & Entertainment

Compass Group’s catering experience across the North American leisure sector can be traced back over 100 years, during which time we have built up a reputation for excellence.

Compass Leisure & Entertainment have a reputation in the marketplace for creating exceptional culinary experiences, lasting memories for our guests and providing world-class service in our venues across Canada.


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We go to the ends of the earth to deliver the highest levels of customer support and service to Defence, Offshore and Remote Sites.

ESS North America has over 40 years of remote support services experience, and is the market leader in total support service solutions for clients in the construction, oil & gas, mining and defence sectors.


Compass Canada ESS

support services

Our clients trust us with their property and facility management – or support services needs, as we prefer to call it.

Increasingly, our clients are relying on us for a comprehensive range of outsourced support services from professional reception staff to office cleaning.

Compass CanadaCompass Canada ESS

vending & refreshment services

Canteen Canada, a Compass Group Canada company, is the largest and most notable name in vending.

Carrying the best nationally recognized brands in the food industry, Canteen Canada offers fresh, good-tasting convenience foods and snacks when you’re hungry and in a hurry.

Compass Canada Canteen


We are a leader in leveraged foodservice & support procurement.

We partner with committed clients who support an open-book vision of full compliance in order to share in maximization of price & rebate advantages, supported by a powerful proprietary data management system.


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