Serving people from the convenience of their own office
at businesses and corporations across Canada.



Embracing the diversity and passion of our people, we creatively nourish our guests one experience at a time.

We strive to be the greatest at culinary innovation, sustainability and sourcing seasonally with regional flare and flavor. Our food programs focus on customer flavor profiles across the country and can be adapted to regional cuisines and specialties. Our Foundation Station programs are tested by our own chefs and proven successful and profitable. We create a platform for each part of the business so that both chef manager accounts and large accounts can run our food programs and promotions successfully.



Research suggests the average person makes around 250 food decisions each day. With so many options, Eurest is happy to make these decisions a little easier.

By sourcing seasonal and local foods, focusing on lifelong wellness for each of our guests, and offering our customers the opportunity to customize their meals, we’re proud to offer a constantly changing variety that is always the “right” choice.