Body. Community. Planet.:  A new food philosophy from Sustainability & Wellness

At Compass Group Canada, we embrace the tremendous power of food and the opportunity we have to positively impact the lives of our guests, our associates and our communities – on both a local and global level.

Body. Community. Planet. is a reflection of our conviction that we can make a positive impact that extends beyond our business. This platform is based on a philosophy that healthy and sustainable menus prioritize food that promotes the wellbeing of people, community and the planet.

These are the principles we passionately pursue, consciously menu and joyfully celebrate within and beyond our cafés. Specifically, we strive to include food that is:

  • Full of flavour, delicious and creative
  • Inspired and designed by chefs
  • Fresh and seasonal
  • Locally grown and produced
  • Wholesome and minimally processed
  • Plant-based, with less red meat
  • Contains more of the good stuff, less of the bad
  • Sustainable and fair
  • Affordable and accessible to all
  • Diverse and culturally authentic
  • Welcoming of all diets
  • Perfectly paired with water
  • Grown, produced and prepared to limit food waste and resource use

As reflected in our tagline “for you, for us, for all,” our goal is to be the company trusted to do the right thing for our guests, for society and for our shared environment.

Simply put, through food, Body. Community. Planet. empowers our guests and our associates, making it easy for them to live their best lives possible and in the process building stronger communities and a healthier planet…“for you, for us, for all,”

A New Way Forward for Compass Group Canada’s Sustainability & Wellness Platform

Body. Community. Planet.

“A vision for healthy people and communities within and beyond our doors….” So reads the vision for Compass Group Canada’s (CGC) new Sustainability & Wellness platform, Body. Community. Planet. The platform is the result of nine months of extensive stakeholder engagement which involved conducting a materiality assessment using feedback from nearly four dozen internal and external stakeholders, consultation with nine internal departments, review of over 60 consumer research papers and articles, and online forums held with students. Reflecting the global reach of Compass Group, the development of the new platform was also supported by colleagues from Compass Group UK&I and Compass Group USA.

The Body. Community. Planet. platform is a reflection of how food connects a healthy body, community and planet. Indeed, the mission of the platform is to empower and make it easy for guests and associates to live their best lives possible, to build better communities and a better planet; for you, for us, and for all. As such, the platform takes ownership of the incredibly important and powerful role that Compass plays in the lives of our guests and in communities near and far.

Highlights of the new platform include best practice programs from around the Compass world, such as: Menus of Change (menu philosophy to put more plant-forward meals as centre of plate); Winnow (food waste reduction technology); and a Buy Local program.

We can’t wait to share all the stories of how the platform is positively impacting guests and communities within and beyond our cafés.