Our Climate Commitment

To make a significant, meaningful, and positive impact on the environment.

At Compass Group, we have made it our mission to create a significant, meaningful, and positive impact on the environment. The actions we take at both a broader organizational and a unit level, all contribute to the larger global objective of making a real difference.  This is a clear priority, not only for Compass, but for our clients and guests as well. Our actions contribute to a more sustainable food supply; supporting the health of our guests and that of our planet.

We’ve shared some specific examples of our commitment in action, below:

Responsible Sourcing

Our corporate responsible sourcing commitments relate to the categories in which we know we can make the greatest impact, and where we know supply chains require a shift to become more sustainable. These commitments are: 

A photo overlooking a vast farm field as the sun is setting.

Carbon Emissions

We know the global food supply chain represents 33% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of which agricultural production, transportation, kitchen facility energy usage, and landfill-related food and packaging waste are key contributors. By focusing our attention on these aspects, whether increasing our plant forward options, or ensuring our Chefs use root to stem culinary practices we are looking at where we can reduce our emissions.

These commitments are supported by our Foodbuy purchasing team enabling our Chefs to select sustainable ingredients and products as default when submitting food supply orders.

While we work toward the above supply chain goals, our Menus of Change (MOC) philosophy puts more plant-forward meals as center of plate. This is how we increase the amount of delicious, healthy, and sustainable foods on our menus where meat moves to the side of the plate, letting produce and grains take centre stage.

Please see our 2022 Global Sustainability Report for greater details on how we are striving towards strong and robust sustainability practices.