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Teaching Nutrition For Life, From The First Day Of School To Graduation.

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Providing nourishing meals for students of all ages in public and independent schools across the country.

We provide fun, healthy dining options that help boost concentration and knowledge retention. Our food and nutrition specialists are committed to building strong bodies and sharp minds and establishing the foundation for a long, healthier life. From innovation and technology to food purchasing and menu management, we are backed by education experts who are dedicated to enhancing the campus experience.

As your partner, Chartwells offers a dynamic, nutritious, and convenient dining program that meets the needs of your students and provides comfort to the parents. We are proud of the work that we do in all 10 provinces, creating partnerships that help fuel students as they learn and grow.

Chartwells will not merely be your dining services provider, we will be your strategic partner. Your focus becomes our focus. Our customized approach will meet the unique needs of your school board while delivering the highest levels of guest service and ensuring that we support your mission in everything we say and do at your schools.

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Safety & Cleanliness

We also understand the imperative need for safe, clean campuses of educational institutions.  With a constant buzz of activity from morning to night, the campuses require consistent upkeep with meticulous attention to detail with the ability to be flexible to adjust and adapt as things change.  Chartwells' support service team is committed to quality, sustainability and innovative solutions for educational institutions of all shapes and sizes.

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