A Behind the Scenes Look at How We Celebrate Our Amazing Associates

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and at Compass Group Canada, we are all about celebrating our incredible associates! From coast to coast, we have over 25,000 dedicated team members, each bringing their unique talents to the table. Whether they are creating delicious meals for students at school, serving up smiles at Tim Hortons on campus, or keeping things running smoothly at your local museum café – our associates are the heart and soul of our company. In honour of Employee Appreciation Day, we are sharing a peek behind the Compass curtain to show how our culture of gratitude translates into recognition action.

Our recognition programs are centered around our Leadership Commitments – an approach we established in 2019. “We Care, We Share, We Dream, We Deliver” is the commitment that our associates have pledged to one another – starting with our executive team. Because our commitments are such an important part of our Compass Culture – our four recognition programs celebrate those who truly live them, each day. To learn more about our leadership commitments – click here.

Be A Star
From January to June, we recognize over 1,000 of our frontline associates through our Be A Star program, with $120,000+ in prizing. Our Stars are operators who live our leadership commitments each day – offering the best experience for our guests and clients.

The highlight of our BAS program is when we roll out the red carpet at our October gala event held at a luxury hotel in downtown Toronto. It’s a night of glitz, glamour, and endless applause as we celebrate our top 35 national associates at a party held in their honour. Plus, our Top Account winners head out on an all-expense-paid trip to Orlando, Florida, for the ‘Compass Night of the Stars’ North American celebration – with full VIP treatment!

Great Out Of The Gate
Our “Great out of the Gate” program is all about giving a big shoutout to our newest associates who hit the ground running. They’re the ones showing initiative, reliability, and dedication to our leadership commitments, right from day one. To showcase our culture of recognition, we make sure to appreciate their efforts with payroll prizing – it’s our way of saying, “Welcome to the team, keep up the awesome work!”

Crystal Awards
Supporting our team of amazing operators is our corporate support groups who work across the country in regional Canadian offices. We’d be remiss to not mention the impact their work has on the success of Compass – so we created our Crystal Awards to celebrate their achievements! Each year, 15 associates are honoured at our annual leadership conference for their commitment to our business and values.

HERO Nudge Badges
Finally, we have our Nudge Hero Badge program! This program celebrates our peers, the heroes among us who consistently go the extra mile to support their colleagues and exceed expectations. Participating in this program is easy – associates just need their phone and a spare 5 minutes! Through our internal associate app, Nudge, team members can swiftly send out a badge, spotlighting the leadership commitment they admire most, along with a brief, gratitude-filled caption. This program is so popular that in in 2023 our associates sent almost 78,000 Nudge Badges – how is that for a culture of gratitude!

This is just a glimpse into how we love celebrating our amazing associates here at Compass Group Canada – our associates are the real stars of the show, and we couldn’t do it without them! If you want to hear more about our AMAZING associates, head over to our Compass Group Canada Instagram where we love sharing stories highlighting our talented team.

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