Congratulations to our 2023 Scholarship Award Winners!

In September, Compass Group Canada was honoured to award six academic scholarships as part of our Associate Scholarship Program. This program, open to associates and their children, recognizes recipients for their educational excellence, commitment to community and passion for extracurricular activities. It is one of the many ways we support our associates in our aim to deliver the best employee experience in the industry.

At Compass, we have Leadership Commitments among our team – We Care, We Share, We Dream, We Deliver. These are important values that are engrained in our DNA and are the foundation of our award-winning culture. Supporting not only our associates, but their families as well, is one of the many ways we implement our Leadership Commitment of “WE CARE”. We care deeply about the relationships we build with our people and strive to connect to our teams in a true, deep, and meaningful way. We are passionate about our success, and we empower those around us to be successful too. And, nothing makes us more proud than the ability to support the success of our associates and their families.

Over the past 15 years we have proudly presented over 65 student recipients with scholarship to support the success of their educational goals. Student recipients receive a $2,000 scholarship each year of their four-year program – resulting in an overall $8,000 scholarship towards their post-secondary education. Since inception in 2008, Compass Group Canada has awarded over $500,000 in scholarship funds to support the next generation of Compass families in advancing their education.

This year, six scholarships were awarded to the children of Compass Group Canada associates. Our recipients are attending colleges and universities from coast to coast and as the Fall Semester comes to an end, we had the opportunity to catch up with three of our winners, Owen, Karl and Kayden.

Owen is attending the Memorial University of Newfoundland pursuing Naval Architecture.

Why did you choose to pursue Naval Architecture?

“I chose Naval Architecture because I grew up watching my father in the same field of study. He actually graduated from the same program I am entering, and I fell in love with his work environment and how his job is different and exciting every day.


What is your dream job once you graduate?

My goal is to work with the NRC-CNRC (National Research Council of Canada). I am impressed with how they test and design boats and models with state-of-the-art equipment and testing facilities.”

Karl is attending the University of Toronto pursuing a Bachelor of Political Science.

Why did you choose University of Toronto for your post-secondary education?

I chose to study at the University of Toronto because it is one of the best universities, not only in Canada but in the world.


Once you graduate with your Bachelor of Political Science, what is your dream job?

“Once I graduate with a double degree in Political Science and Criminology, I dream of going into law school and becoming the very best lawyer. I chose to pursue Political Science because I have a deep passion for politics, ever since I was a kid, and I am excited to pursue this field of study.

Kayden is attending the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce.

Why did you choose to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce at UBC?

“I selected the UBC Sauder School of Business as it stands as a diverse and prestigious institution that presents numerous opportunities for those who aspire to be future business leaders. Coming from a family of business professionals, I’ve always found the business world fascinating. I decided to go for the Bachelor of Commerce program because it seemed like the natural next step to deepen my knowledge and enhance my proficiency in the field.”


Once you graduate, what is your dream job?

“After I graduate, I want to pursue a career that mixes finance and business with tech and entertainment. Whether it’s handling finances for a tech company or diving into the business side of entertainment, I’m all about blending my interests and skills in a fast-paced, evolving industry.”


We’d like to congratulate all of our recipients, past and present, and wish all current students good luck as they study for their final exams and prepare for the beginning of the Winter Semester in January!

Interested in the Compass Group Canada Scholarship Program and more of our exciting corporate initiatives? Learn more about Our Culture here.

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